California Teacher Wins $360,000 Settlement for Defending Pronoun Rights


A California teacher was awarded $360,000 in settlement of a lawsuit about her dismissal by the Jurupa Unified School District due to her views on transgenderism.

Jessica Tapia, a former gym teacher and coach was hired in 2014 by the district. She claims in the lawsuit that she has never discriminated against or used the wrong pronouns to identify any student.

Her Facebook page, on which she did not identify where she worked and expressed her Christian faith, had several posts opposing transgenderism. Some students reported her when they saw this.

The school board terminated Tapia after a series of meetings in which she was asked hypothetical questions including whether or not she would hide a child’s gender choice from parents.

Tapia stated that the third and final meeting, which took place in January 2023, was the religious accommodations meeting. I was repeatedly questioned about my Christian faith. “And then, at the end of it all, they decided that they couldn’t accommodate my religious belief and that I was fired.”


Fox News

In the lawsuit, it is claimed that the district accused Tapia of “posting offensive material on her public Instagram page, referencing her religion during conversations with her students, and expressing controversy on issues about gender identity.” The district then presented Tapia’s “A Plan of Support and Directives” at the second meeting. This required her to “lie to parents regarding their child’s gender, use their preferred pronouns with students, refrain from sharing her religious beliefs on social media or with students, and allow them to use the locker room or bathroom that matches their preferred sex.”

Tapia requested a religious accommodation. She claimed that she would be unable to comply with directives as they were against her beliefs.

“I could have saved myself.” In this case, when I refer to life, I am referring to my teaching career and my salary. I could have saved my own life. I could have done that. Tapia stated, “I could have saved the situation by simply saying yes and submitting to these instructions. But I choose to recognize that God is in charge. He is in control of my future. If I lose my job or my life in this situation, then I don’t know what that will look like, but God is going to show me or help me find my way. By choosing Him and choosing to stand on the truth, I will find my true purpose.’

Tapia’s lawyer, Julianne Fleischer, of Advocates for Faith & Freedom, points out that the actions taken by the school district in terminating Tapia are happening all over the country.


Fleischer stated that “the school district terminated her specifically because of her religion.” What we see with these directives in school districts across the country as they implement these different transgender policies and threaten teachers and educators with terminating their employment is a form of religious test. They’re saying that you must ascribe to our religion or you are no longer qualified as a teacher at a public school. Jessica’s religion is pushed to the back of the line with school district ideology regarding transgenders and transgender policies.

Teachers are told to follow the directives of school districts regarding transgenderism. You will be fired if you don’t use the right pronouns. You’ll be fired if you talk about the gender of a child and tell their parents.

Find another job or give in to gender ideology. It is important to inform parents about gender dysphoria, as it is a serious condition.

Of course, it’s madness. The radical left school board and administrators who push this madness must be stopped before permanent damage to students and teachers is done.