BMW’s Pride Stunt Backfires: The Costly Mistake of Empty Virtue Signaling


The woke left/media love nothing more than to show off their acceptance and tolerance when they don’t have any other way of defending themselves.

The truth is, while their claims may sound great on paper or social media platforms for the audience they are trying to reach, it’s usually just a show.

BMW Middle East, for example, was in hot water after it responded to a Twitter user asking why the logos of all its other Twitter accounts had been changed to show support for “Pride Month”, but not that for BMW Middle East.

The whole thing seemed to begin after the Libs of TikTok posted a screenshot of accounts with Pride-themed logos but… not the Middle Eastern ones.

Someone going by the username “deziner”, in response to a random Tweet BMW posted at Pride Month’s beginning, decided to ask what was up with their inconsistent marketing.

How come you don’t display your logos and pride colors on your Middle East posts? ??” They asked.

Below is how BMW answered (in scattered tweets):

We have taken a stance in recognition of LGBTQ+ Pride Month and changed the logos of our international marketing and communication channels (for all BMW Group brands and markets) until June 30th.

You can access the international channels from anywhere in the world and show a logo change on all markets.

As is the case with most communication and marketing initiatives, our sales companies and distributors are free to choose whether or not they want to participate in centrally-initiated communication and marketing campaigns.

BMW Group has a long-standing practice of taking into account market-specific laws and cultural aspects.

To keep the cash flow flowing, they will only use the logo where there are already LGBTQ-specific rights.

It’s so stunningly brave it makes your head spin, right? It’s great when companies “out themselves”

Here is what my colleague accurately observed in 2021, when BMW and other companies were facing this complaint.

The number one concern of a major corporation is to make money. If it believes that adding a rainbow avatar to its Twitter account and tweeting about “pride” will encourage you to buy more, they will do so. It’s not a fundamental principle. They don’t really care about or support LGBT rights or any other social movement. They only do it to get a financial boost.

Why not? This is a quick, cheap and easy way to advertise. You buy products thinking the company cares and sees you.

They sure don’t.

It reminds me a lot of Apple and the NBA who lecture and threaten red states about sensible policies to protect women’s sport and safe spaces but have huge operations in oppressive places like China and Saudi Arabia.

It’s just noise and fury at the end of it all. It’s important to keep this in mind whenever virtue signaling begins.