Blake Masters Says Maricopa Failed to Run a Clean Election


The Arizona midterm elections are still causing controversy. The election results were reported far off what poll watchers and workers predicted. There were also a series of irregularities on Election Day that raised doubts. Election Integrity Network’s new poll found that almost half of the state’s volunteer attorneys and poll watchers were not optimistic about the outcome. But 84.38% of Maricopa County respondents stated they were not confident. The evidence provided by volunteer attorneys contradicted statements made by election officials. Republican candidate Kari Lake announced that a legal group was being formed in order to challenge the election. Blake Masters, a Republican Senate candidate, called Mark Kelly his Democratic opponent and “congratulated” him. Masters is still angry about the Arizona election crisis. He spoke to me today about Kelly’s apparent concession, and what should be done in Arizona moving forward.

Catherine Salgado Your reasons?

Blake Masters: I just confirmed that Mark Kelly would be our next senator unless there’s more evidence. However, I do not believe there is any legal way for me to change the outcome of this race.

Catherine Salgado: What should we do about the chaos in the Maricopa County Election?

Blake Masters: All the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors supervisors need to be fired. Their only job was to conduct clean elections. If you’re generous, you can say it was gross incompetence. They failed to do their job.