Biden Makes an Interesting Admission About the Club Q Shooting


As I have previously stated, it’s important to wait for all facts to be available before making any conclusions about the Club Q shootings in Colorado Springs, Colo. Falsely, the 2016 Pulse shooting at Orlando’s Pulse club was branded an LGBTQ hate crime, when in fact it was not. This narrative has remained despite this.

The left doesn’t miss a chance to push their agenda so they declared the attack a hate crime immediately and blamed Republicans.

But that’s not all.

It was quite interesting to note that Joe Biden, in a statement about the shooting, admitted there was no motive. His statement stated that although no motive for the attack is known, it was clear that the LGBTQI+ community had been subject to hate violence in recent times.

It is remarkable that Biden began his statement by acknowledging that no motive has been identified. Biden has never missed an opportunity for political gain; does Biden’s admission that there is no known motive indicate that his administration already knows that the shooting was not an LGBTQ hate crime?