Biggs Drops Bombshell on ‘Big Guy’ After Damning Devon Archer Testimony


There are a lot of stories about Devon Archer’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

What was the worst part? It was bad enough that Rep. Dan Goldman, D-NY, was the first to comment on the issue, trying to minimize what Archer said, while revealing Archer’s sledgehammer blow to the Bidens narrative. Goldman confirmed that Archer had indeed confirmed the story of Joe Biden making phone calls to business meetings about 20 times. Goldman also fell over himself when he claimed that Joe Biden had never denied having spoken to Hunter Biden’s associates. Goldman said Joe Biden had claimed he “had nothing to do” with Hunter Biden’s business dealings. We have emails, photos, and other evidence, including Archer, to prove that this is also incorrect. A colleague of mine pointed out that the purpose of having the elder Biden call was to demonstrate Hunter’s power and to prove he could reach Joe at a moment’s notice. Goldman probably has more to say that he doesn’t wish to share, but that will be revealed when the transcript is released.

Goldman also said that the Shokin firing was bad for Burisma. This is nonsense, since Viktor Shokin the Prosecutor-General, was investigating Mykola Zochevsky, Burisma’s head. Hunter Biden and Burisma executives were also talking about shutting down cases against them. Goldman tried to pull at the heartstrings, claiming that the calls between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were made in response to Beau Biden’s death. Come on man! You can tell they are getting desperate when all the pieces of a puzzle start to come out.

The reaction was not good. Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, pointed out that Joe Biden “lied for many years” and that Congress should now ask “Why did he do it?” Chad Pergram of Fox also cited Archer’s testimony about the “brand”.

When Rep. Andy Biggs, R-AZ, spoke, it was likely that you got a better picture of the truth, and not just Goldman’s downplay.


After Archer’s testimony, he said that he thought Joe Biden had been “compromised.”

He reiterated what Goldman had said, claiming that Goldman had forgotten to mention that Archer claimed that the calls were an indication as to “who the big guy is”, referring the Joe Biden nickname and the importance of Biden in the business equation. He confirmed that Archer used the term “Big Guy”. (We speculated about it, but now it appears to be confirmed). Biggs stated that Hunter Biden would always mention the need to speak to “my guy”, another reference to Joe Biden. There’s no need to use these terms if he is just calling about the weather or Beau. These terms had meanings in relation to the deals the Bidens tried to flog. Tony Bobulinski, among others, has referred to Joe Biden as “the Big Guy” before.

Fox noted that Archer had said that Vice President Joe Biden, at the time, brought the greatest value to the Burisma brand. Archer now claims that Burisma wouldn’t have survived if not for the brand.

This pretty much sums it up.