Biden’s Transgender Blackmail Threatens Low-Income Americans


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is part of the Biden administration, has plenty of concerns. This makes their campaign to pit transgender policies against food safety even more confusing.

The USDA announced that it would expand its definitions of sex discrimination to include gender identity and sexual orientation. Anyone who distributes food aid now must use divisive transgender policy (e.g. allowing men to enter girls’ bathrooms). Otherwise, federal aid could be withdrawn.

The USDA is the most responsible agency for providing food security for American families. One in four Americans is directly affected by food assistance provided by the USDA. They feed mothers and their children, as well as schools and communities that feed the vulnerable. All of this is at risk under the Biden Administration.

This is nothing less than food security blackmail. It is shocking that the Biden administration would risk the nutritional health of our children. Schools shouldn’t have to decide between maintaining the School Lunch Program or protecting their girls from biological boys in their bathroom and as competitors in girls’ sports. It is a grave offense that an agency whose sole purpose it is to feed our vulnerable populations is deliberately undermining this mission.

Why does the USDA jump into divisive policymaking, when it is not one of the agencies? What do transgender policies have to do about a school, a food bank, a farmers market, or a grocery store’s ability to feed hungry people? Have you ever heard of any transgender child being denied food at school? The school should not depend on the promotion of a political agenda to fund food aid.

It is time for the USDA’s attention to be refocused on issues that are most important to Americans. Parents and mothers are having difficulty finding the baby formula. For the week ended May 28, the average national out-of-stock rate for infant formula was 74%. One-in-five states had 90% of their baby formula shelves empty that week.

As fertilizer becomes more scarce and more costly, our farmers and ranchers feel the pinch of supply chain shortages. A global wheat shortage is imminent. This has created a threat to the global food supply chain. There may be other food shortages.

Inflation has reached record levels, leading to an average American family paying over 10% more for groceries than they did a year ago.

Our goal is to feed the world. Families are finding it difficult to provide for their children’s needs under the Biden administration.

Not only the USDA needs to reevaluate its priorities. This is likely to be just the beginning of Title IX, the statute that defines discrimination sexually, being expanded by the Biden administration. This could be the president’s next move to make every federal agency follow his lead. Any federal agency that does not comply with this directive will be subject to the same threat as any other group or organization that receives federal aid.

The Biden Administration must immediately reverse its course. They should be focusing on more urgent issues, such as addressing runaway inflation and bringing down sky-high gas prices. Take your pick, Mr. President.