Biden’s New Washing Machine Rules Will Have Us Stinking for Climate Change


Michael Shellenberger is an energy and environment researcher who wrote in 2019 that “no credible science body” has ever claimed that climate change threatens the collapse of civilizations or the extinction of the human species.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Old Joe Biden’s Energy Department suggested Monday new efficiency standards for washing machines. These new mandates would require washing machines to use less water. They would be enforced in public comments by industry leaders like Whirlpool. Each cycle will take more time, the detergent will be more expensive and clothes will be less clean. America, welcome back for a managed decline.

The idea that washing clothes are a sacrifice to save the environment is absurd. It is impossible to save the earth by using less efficient washing machines. However, it is possible that we will have to wash clothes twice with these machines.

According to reports, washing machine makers have begun to implement the new regulations under the Biden regime. A Cincinnati firefighter purchased a Whirlpool washing machine that was efficient. He soon realized that the machine’s efficiency in 2023 was not as high as it used to be and his clothes were not as clean. He regretted his decision “almost instantly.” His fellow firefighters noticed him and said, “Dude!” “You stink!” ” This could be the epitaph of the entire Biden administration.

Biden’s handlers don’t just target washing machines. The report found that half the U.S. gasoline stoves would be prohibited from sale. Biden’s handlers are not content with this. They continue to seek to make Americans miserable.

The Energy Department is committed to climate mythology. They want us to believe that a fall in Third-World living standards will change the climate sufficiently to allow for human life on the planet.

Biden’s handlers continue to play the same shell game, convincing Americans that new appliances will work as well as old ones.

Like so many aspects of the Biden system, you have to wonder: Are they really believing their own lies or simply want America to be a Third World country in order to fulfill some socialist globalist imperative?