Biden’s Handlers Allow Members of a Foreign Terrorist Organization to Enter the U.S.


This year, fifty people from the terror watch list were apprehended at South border. It is not clear how many more made it across the border. Now, Old Joe Biden’s handlers are opening up a new route for terrorists to enter the United States. Iran International English reported Friday that the Biden administration had lifted a controversial ban on Iranian men entering the United States. They’d been conscripted to the IRGC, a Foreign Terrorist Organization as part of their mandatory military service. Biden’s handlers continue to put Americans at risk by their eagerness to reverse every Trump-related action.

The compromise move to allow certain IRGC officers into Iran is a way to restart the Iran nuclear deal negotiations. The negotiations moved forward with the Biden team intent on appeasement, and the Iranians obtaining everything they wanted. The Iranians became a bit greedy after their success and demanded that the United States remove Foreign Terrorist Organization from the IRGC as a condition to the deal. After an unbroken history of appeasement, the Biden Team reacted in a shocking and unexpected way and negotiations were halted. The United States now wants to encourage them by allowing low-ranking IRGC members to enter the country, while keeping the terrorist designation.

This is unwise, it’s not surprising. The IRGC was deemed a terrorist group for good reasons. On March 18, the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet and Foreign Minister Yair Lepid jointly declared that the IRGC was “a terrorist organisation that has killed thousands of people, including Americans.” “We refuse to believe the United States would remove it as a terrorist organisation.” Gentlemen, Joe Biden is at the Oval Office.

Bennett and Lapid also pointed out that the IRGC “directs, instructs, and supports Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Gaza, Houthis, Yemen, and other militias in Iraq” and “They kill Jews and Christians because they’re Jews,” and “Muslims because they refuse surrender to them.”

Iran International also stated that “Secretary for Homeland Security and Secretary-of State, in consultations with the US Attorney General, determined that the ban shall be not apply with regard to an individual who provided insignificant, limited material support to FTO (like IRGC), under routine social transactions.” Biden’s handlers only allow in IRGC members who were “conscripted” into their organization and didn’t really help it. What could go wrong?

Plenty. It doesn’t mean that a man was forced to join an organization. The fact that he only provided “insignificant” support for it in the past does not necessarily indicate what he might do in future. American officials should question IRGC members carefully and intelligently to prevent terrorists from entering the country. They must also have a complete understanding of Islamic jihad in all its forms, without being influenced by politics or wokeness. Is it likely that American officials in Biden’s administration, which denies that Islamic jihad exists, and insists that Islam a religion of peace, are capable of such questioning? It’s almost null.

It is well-established that the Iranian regime has a hostility towards the United States. What would stop the mullahs sending terrorists to the country under this arrangement? They would be thoroughly vetted by the Iranian side to make sure that they were conscripted into this organization and have previously provided only “insignificant” support.

People who think that the mullahs wouldn’t do that because they want the nuke deal are wrong. As Obama’s first nuke deal was about to be concluded in 2015, 192 Iranian members of Iran’s 290-seat parliament stated, “The martyr-nurturing country of Iran is not at all ready to abandon the slogan ‘Death To America’ under pretext of a Nuclear Agreement.” They said that this slogan had “turned into a symbol of the Islamic republic” and all the struggling nations.

This aggressive attitude has not changed. The IRGC has resumed harassing U.S. Navy vessels in the Strait of Hormuz as it did under Obama. Biden’s weakness is only going to invite Iran aggression.