Biden’s Executive Order Ineffectual in Curtailing Illegal Immigration Flow


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced a new executive order that would “dramatically limit” the number of illegal migrants overwhelming the southern border.

Biden stated, “I came here today to secure the border because Republicans in Congress will not do it,” without mentioning his steps on his first day as president to undo the Trump Administration’s border security measures.

Biden then blamed Republicans for flaws in a bipartisan bill proposed this year, claiming they refuse to address the southern border, despite Congress passing a border-security bill, H.R., over a year ago, which Senate Leader Chuck Schumer refused to put to a vote.


The executive order aims to cap illegal border crossings at 2,500 per night, effective midnight tonight, with a provision to lift restrictions if crossings fall below 1,500 per day over seven days.

Exclusions from the threshold include unaccompanied minors, medical emergencies, individuals with “credible fears,” and those from countries refusing deported individuals. It does not apply to CBP One App entrants or direct flight parolees.

Though asylum has been prohibited for many migrants since the repeal of Title 42, the order aims to address the issue, though Fox News’ Bill Melugin predicts record numbers until 2023.

Critics like Mark Green, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, suggest Biden’s order legitimizes illegal immigration levels beyond DHS Secretary guidelines, citing Border Patrol challenges with 1,000 daily entries.

Even NBC News journalist David Noriega is skeptical about the order’s immediate impact on the border crisis.