Biden’s Chaotic TIME Interview Spirals: Challenges Reporter to a Fight!


The interview that Joe Biden just had with TIME is all you need to know to understand why the Department of Justice will do anything to prevent Joe Biden from releasing his special counsel interview. It might be a bit low-key to say that the whole thing went off track.

It’s really bad. The crescendo at which the president of the United States challenged the reporter interviewing him to a fight, is enough proof. Let’s begin with the inflation exchange, which TIME fact-checked.

Biden, who is unable to use any grammatical structure at all, says that “Wage increases are greater than inflation.” He then launches into a rant of anger about “shrinkflation”, “price gouging” and other things. Try to understand this sentence.

There are many things to consider, from shrinkflation, to how they’re moving artifically to increase their profits.

TIME’s fact check shows that nothing said by the president is true. Over Biden’s tenure, wages have not kept pace with inflation. The current situation does not appear to be the result of “price-gouging.” Inflation is also the cause of “shrinkflation.” To keep their prices low, companies reduce the amount of product they use.

Biden should have avoided this interview, because it only got worse as the time went by. Here he’s confusing Vladimir Putin with Xi Jinping. TIME published an editor’s comment to clarify.

It would be bold of me to suggest that someone who is to be president shouldn’t constantly mix up leaders and countries, given the geopolitical stakes involved. Biden has become accustomed to this type of behavior. He is unable to maintain his memory and is prone to making mistakes when answering questions.

Then…there was this. Then there was this.

Foreign affairs are typically the focus of the last two years a President, or a two-term president’s tenure. You’re 81 and will be 86 when you leave office. Many Americans, and even many Democrats, believe you’re too old to be a leader. Could an 85-year-old man really perform this job?

Biden: I can do it better than anybody you know. You’re looking at me, I can take you too.

Joe Biden, an 81-year old man who has trouble walking up stairs, decided to challenge a reporter to a fight. What a scene. The President of the United States freaking says, “I can also take you.” Do you sense the restoration of norms?

The rest of the conversation isn’t any better. Click here to see the whole thing.

Biden is ultimately responsible for his actions, but why are they putting him into these situations? This happened to one of the friendliest outlets. Imagine how he will look at debates if even the slightest pushback is given by a moderator. Biden is senile and his friends are afraid to keep him away from the spotlight. This is a bad mix.