Biden’s Destruction of the American Economy Continues to Sink His Popularity


Despite their best efforts, Democrats cannot stop the bleeding, even though the Biden administration is doing its best to keep it open. Despite all the efforts of the king’s horses, and all the kings’ men to make abortion the top issue in 2022, the plummeting economy remains the most important thing in Americans’ minds, and they know who to blame.

A Monmouth University poll released Thursday showed that President Joe Biden’s popularity fell by one point to 38 percent. However, his disapproval rating rose three points to 57%. Only 18% of Americans believe that the country’s on the right path. This is a good indicator of how far the country has fallen. In January 2021, 42% of Americans believed the country was heading in the right direction.

This trend is not slowing down and the month isn’t over yet.

One thing seems to favor the Democrat Party: the fact that abortion has risen up to be an important issue for voters to 25%, one point below the economy which is currently the most important issue to voters at 26%.

This may sound alarming, but there is more to these numbers than what’s presented here.

We previously reported that 1 in 5 voters believe abortion is the most important factor in deciding whether to vote for a candidate. However, only 16% are willing to accept the exceptions, which do not include restrictions on abortion until birth.

Eighty-five percent of voters support restrictions on abortion, even though they do not want it to be completely illegalized. This is bad news for Democrats, who now appear to be pushing for unrestricted abortions at the Senate vote on Wednesday. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin was the only exception. These numbers will likely change as more information is available.

As the midterms draw closer, it’s clear that Democrats are in serious trouble. Their complete leaning into abortion is not paying off and, in many cases, is actually causing them to fall further. It’s not something every American will be affected by, even though the economy is.

Biden and Democrats have not presented any real solutions to the economic crisis and instead tried to blame Republicans and Putin. It may be having some effect on Biden’s loyal base but it isn’t being bought as well by Democrats as they would like. This continues to be a theme for them.