Biden Administration’s Out of Wack Response to Baby Formula Shortage


Baby formula is in short supply across the country. This is making it difficult for some families to find the right formula for their children.

Fox’s Harris Faulkner has been trying to call attention to the problem, calling the effort #operationwarpfeedmybaby.

Faulkner and Asman discussed the fundamental differences between the approach of President Donald Trump to problems and Joe Biden. They talked about how Trump mobilized everything, including the private sector, to get the vaccine created in record time.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Deputy Press Secretary (soon to replace Jen Psaki as White House Press Secretary), claimed that it was Joe Biden’s “top priority”.

When she was asked who was in charge of the matter, she laughed and couldn’t answer.

Parents have been leaving the Biden team over CRT mandates and gender instruction in schools. Add baby formula to the mix.

Some of the blue-checked left mocked parents’ concerns about baby formula. But even that, they make politics. Amy Siskind is an “activist-author” and Amy Benhoff writes for Huffington Post.

Imagine yourself so enslaved in defending Joe Biden, that you find it funny to enjoy the difficulties of mother’s trying to find baby formula. This is a terrible look, guys. Can you imagine being more deplorable?

They are laughing at moms like these.

Last week, 40-50 percent of the brands were sold in 26 states. Some of this is due to recalls in February and July, but it has been ongoing since July because of supply chain problems. Parents are spending hours searching for baby formula in every store and driving long distances to get it. This is especially hard for children with intolerance problems. They now suspect that the FDA-ordered recall was done incorrectly.

Rep. Kat Cammack (R.FL) said that on top of the insensitivity and failure to take action on the issue there is a new report that indicates that the Biden Administration is making it their top priority to obtain “pallets” of baby formula for illegal aliens held at holding facilities.

Washington Examiner

In one of two postings online yesterday, Kat Cammack, Republican Representative said that “they are sending pallets and pallets of baby formula towards the border.” “Meanwhile,” she said, holding a photo showing empty shelves that would house the formula.

Cammack stated that she received photos from a border agent and one was posted online.

She said that they were receiving pallets of baby formula as well as more at the border, holding one of the photos of Advantage brand formula and Gogo Squeez applesauce. Cammack stated that the photo was taken at Ursula Processing Facility [in McAllen Texas] where thousands of babies are being processed and housed before being released.

She claimed that the agent said to her, “Kat,” that he didn’t believe what he just brought in. He’s been a border agent for 30 years and has never seen anything like it. He is a grandfather, and he says that his children cannot get baby formula.

“I don’t know about you but I would say that if I was a mother anywhere in America and I went to Walmart, Target, Publix, Safeway, Kroger, or Safeway, I saw signs saying that I could not get baby formula. Then you see the American government send thousands or thousands of baby formula containers to the border. That would make my blood boil,” she stated.

She said, “It’s not the children’s fault at all.” It is frustrating to me that this is yet another example of America’s last agenda, which the Biden administration continues perpetuating.”

It’s not enough that the Biden Administration considers it the “top priority”. Since last year, supply chain problems have been ongoing — something that Biden seems unable to address.