Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets as He’s Painted as Inept


Right now, President Joe Biden is facing a number of challenges.

His approval rating is a complete disaster. CNN’s latest poll shows him with 39 percent approval and 61 percent disapproval. RealClearPolitics’ averages in various policy areas are brutal.

  • Economy: 38.1/58.1
  • Inflation: 33.2/62.5
  • Immigration: 33.2/60.2
  • Crime: 35.7/57.3
  • Foreign Policy: 40/55.6

Americans won’t need to search far for reasons not to vote for Joe Biden in 2024. A majority of policymakers seem to think that Joe Biden has done a poor job. Two years have passed since his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Americans in general no longer trust that our government is led by the best people.

The Biden team decided to adopt Bidenomics. They are pointing at their little pieces of paper, saying that the economy is in fact great and you should believe them instead of your lying eyes.

While the economy is better in coastal areas and urban Democratic strongholds due to the income gap alone, Americans across the nation are still feeling the pinch at the gas station, grocery store, and on their bills. The inflation rate is still high – last month’s numbers were actually revised upwards while you weren’t looking. And Americans are struggling.

CNBC’s numbers are brutal.

According to a recent LendingClub survey, 61% of adults said that they still live paycheck-to-paycheck as of July. This is slightly higher than the 59% reported last year.

LendingClub reported that 78% of consumers making less than $50,000 per year, and 65% of those between $50,000 and $100k, were living paycheck-to-paycheck in July. Both figures are up compared to a year earlier. LendingClub found that only 44% of those who earn $100,000 or more reported living paycheck-to-paycheck.

According to the CNBC Your Money Financial Confidence Survey, conducted in March, 70% of Americans admitted to feeling stressed out about their finances. This was primarily due to inflation and rising interest rates, as well as a lack of savings.

Only 45% said that they had an emergency fund. About 26% of those polled who have emergency savings have less than $5,000.

According to a survey, 58% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Biden’s policies aren’t working and Americans don’t believe Biden when he says they are. His policies are a mess.

In the past, presidents survived despite low approval ratings for their policies. Joe Biden has a problem now, not just because he is disliked for his bad policies but also because of the way he handled Hunter Biden’s affairs. In the same CNN poll cited above, most Americans believe Biden was involved with Hunter Biden’s business as Vice President.

Biden appears to have kept Hunter close to him in an apparent effort to protect him. The president may be putting himself in a worse position because of the perception that he has acted inappropriately when it comes to his son. This can make more Americans believe that there really is a there. As I said earlier today, the CNN poll could be encouraging one-third of his base to remain at home in November 2024.

The Republicans are so adamant about the Biden family business. It appears that Republicans are focusing their attention on bribery. The question is whether they will actually impeach someone.

I am on the fence but leaning towards impeachment. You only get one chance, and even though the Republicans are in control of the House, it’s not guaranteed that some moderates will vote against impeachment. Even if the bill passes the House, it will never make it to the Senate. Some conservatives may want to have every Republican say something about this. But is it worth wasting your only shot?

If the Republicans continue to flood this zone with the information that they have, Biden will appear even more toxic. The polls show that Democratic voters are looking for someone else, but don’t know who to turn to. Biden has become too toxic and is no longer a viable option. Democrats and the media cannot explain away Biden’s problems with the Family Business scandal forever, and their defense isn’t working when a majority believe that he is involved.

What will they say as Republicans continue to release more information?

God help me, but it appears that the Republicans’ current strategy is working. The Republicans are making Biden an issue for voters. If they can only get their party to agree on a candidate and start reuniting its base, then they will have a great chance of unseating Biden in the next election.