Biden Moving Full Speed Ahead With Ending Title 42


According to an official, President Joe Biden’s Administration is moving at “full speed ahead” in ending Title 42 public health authority. This Title 42 authority allowed federal immigration officials the ability to swiftly deport illegal aliens who crossed the border into the United States from Mexico.

A federal judge revoked Title 42, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authority that was first imposed in 2020 by Trump. This ruling has been instrumental in stemming waves of illegal immigration.

The Biden administration quickly requested that the court grant five weeks for Title 42 to be ended. This ensured that Title 42 would be lifted on December 21. The decision is being appealed by the Department of Justice (DOJ), but they do not intend to retain Title 42.

CBS News was informed by a CBS News official that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, “continues its full speed ahead in preparing Title 42 for lift on December 21.”

Axios was also told by another administration official that the CDC had “made a scientific-based determination that Title 42 no longer is necessary.”

Experts and Biden officials believe that ending Title 42 will invite illegal immigration to flood the border, setting new records. Recent anonymous Biden officials stated that they are concerned that an “open border” message will be sent to the world’s migrants, causing a huge surge.

Existing plans by the Biden administration will allow for additional funding from American taxpayers to support non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which will help to release illegal aliens and border crossers more quickly into American communities.

However, a senior source from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), exclusively said to Breitbart News, that Biden’s DHS had not been involved in any substantive planning for Title 42’s ending in the coming weeks.

Breitbart News reported that thousands of migrants are awaiting in Mexico to rush to the U.S. border, when Title 42 expires in weeks. El Paso officials asked Biden to make Fort Bliss a refugee center as part of their plan to address the record-breaking illegal immigration.

Biden officials previously acknowledged that illegal aliens and border crossers could be arriving at the border each month without Title 42. This is equivalent to the population of Atlanta, Georgia.

In April, Andy Biggs (Republican from Arizona) stated to Breitbart News that he anticipates 30,000 border crossings and illegal aliens daily at the border without Title 42. Breitbart News reported that 6,000 foreign nationals waited to rush the border in Tijuana (Mexico) when Title 42 expires.