Dorsey Confronts Musk Over Release Of Unfiltered Twitter Files


Jack Dorsey was Twitter’s cofounder and urged Elon Musk, the company’s general counsel, to release all the “Twitter Files”.

Following Tuesday’s “Twitter Files” information dump, Baker was “exited”, according to Twitter. This included behind-the-scenes thoughts of Twitter about the suppression and repercussions of the Hunter Biden laptop cases. Musk claimed Baker gave “unconvincing answers”, when asked about his role.

Musk suggested that he would release more content which appears to demonstrate a “very different standard applied in the U.S. to Republican candidate versus Democrat candidate.” ”

Dorsey asked Musk Wednesday to speak “without filter” and explain Twitter’s plans for addressing “transparency concerns that have arisen.”

Musk replied to Dorsey: “Most important data (from also you) was hidden. Some might have been deleted. However, all we find will be made public. ”

Rep. Rep. James Comer (R.KY), suggested earlier this week, that the information contained in the “Twitter Files” indicates “a cover-up at the highest levels of government to protect Joe Biden.” “