Biden Crime Speech Runs Away From Reality


Jessie Smollett’s claim that he was nearly lynched in Chicago on a subzero night by men who claimed he was in “Maga country” is credible. President Joe Biden addressed America, claiming San Francisco is a hub of Republican violence. He claimed that an illegal alien, homeless and mentally ill, attacked a man with his hammer while living in a bus parked in San Francisco.

This is a sad event for millions of Americans who were confronted by dangerous, mentally ill people in big cities across Joe Biden’s America. It is tragic that this victim was Nancy Pelosi, a prominent Democrat. However, it shows how dangerous a nation of drug-addled, insane vagrants can be. For years, moms and dads have had to run this race to make ends meet by working in Democrat-controlled big American cities.

Union Station, Washington, D.C., where you gave your address, is only one of many public spaces that have been made into vagrant flophouses. You can walk around the Union Station to see the tent cities and villages that Democrat policies have made if you dare to visit the capital. All this is part of Joe Biden’s American Dream/Nightmare, which he and his team of Democrat big city mayors and governors have left us. You will see more police support if you continue to focus more on diversity than supporting it.

Be honest, Joe. You need to be honest, Joe. What if Paul Pelosi could have had a gun to defend himself? Just curious.

The explosion in crime under your watch, President Biden is your fault. Republicans are not to blame for this. You wouldn’t be president if 22,000 voters in four states switched their votes. It will not solve the problem of crime and unite the nation by demonizing the 82 million who didn’t vote, or the millions who regret voting for your party. It will likely unite us by proving that you and your party do a poor job-fighting crime.