Biden Blasts Special Counsel in White House Tirade: ‘How Dare He!


In his Thursday press conference, President Joe Biden slammed Special Counsel Robert Hur for saying in a report that the President had difficulty remembering when Beau died.

Breitbart reported that Robert Hur stated in his report, that the president suffered from cognitive decline which affected his memory. Hur used this to recommend that the president not be prosecuted because he “willfully retained” classified documents. According to the report:

The report states that the investigation “uncovered proof that President Biden intentionally retained and revealed classified materials after he became vice president when he served as a private citizen,” but it does not prove guilt “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Hur’s assessment that Biden had a “significantly restricted” memory played a role in his decision to not prosecute.

The report says: “We also considered that Mr. Biden, at trial would likely present himself before a jury as a sympathetic and well-meaning elderly man with poor memory, just as he presented himself during our interview.” Based on our observations and direct interactions with him, many jurors are likely to want to find reasonable doubt in his case.

It would be hard to convince a juror that they should convict a former President, who was well into his 80s at the time, of a serious crime that requires a state of mind of willfulness.

Hur’s report contains many examples and assessments of Biden’s memory and mental faculties deteriorating. Biden’s ability to remember things also seemed to be severely limited.

The report states that he “did not remember when his son Beau passed away, even if it was within a few years.”

The president screamed at the press conference that Hur was “disgusting” for including in his report the special detail of his inability remember the date Beau died.

Robert Hur, principal associate deputy attorney general, speaks at a July 27th press conference. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

There’s a reference to the fact that I can’t even remember when my son passed away. How dare he say that? When I was asked that question, I thought: “wasn’t their damn business,” said the president on Thursday.

The president told reporters that Beau had given him a rosary from a church he couldn’t remember. It could have been that he was overcome by emotion while speaking about his son who had died.


He said, “I don’t want anyone to tell me that he died.”