Biden Believes The Economy is Great and If You Don’t Agree You’re A Moron


The economy is Joe Biden’s greatest problem. Although all his other attempts have failed to restore his presidency and increase his poll numbers, his White House handlers have a plan that we can all trust will work this time.

Politico’s Playbook newsletter, Tuesday reports that Joe Biden will shift to the economy in June to try to convince skeptical voters that the economy, despite current doubts, is doing well.

Also, the economy is doing well and you don’t understand it.

He hasn’t tried this strategy before.

Joe Biden has been trying to claim credit for the opening of the economy following the lockdowns for more than a year.

Biden stated last December that 2021 will end with “the strongest first-year economic record of any president in 50 years”, according to an analyst. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Phase 1 of this pivot was an opinion piece in Wall Street Journal that featured Joe Biden’s name as the byline. It claimed that the Biden administration’s economic and vaccination plans had helped to achieve the strongest recovery in modern history.

Biden’s new strategy follows the release of an economic report that shows the U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter of 2022, which was worse than anticipated. Yes, things are really going well, but we are just too ignorant to notice. Even though we are too focused on inflation and gas prices, everything is amazing.

Even Politico admitted that this strategy could backfire. “Polling has shown that inflation and the economy are voters’ top concerns for this year. It is risky to tell them that macroeconomic data does not support their daily worries — or, as Biden writes in his essay, that the ‘U.S. is currently in a better economic situation than most other countries — as this could be perceived as tone-deaf. This is something that swings district Democrats have been concerned about.

I believe I can summarize Biden’s economic strategy in a single video clip.