Ole Miss Students Chant ‘We Want Trump’ Pulverizing Pro-Hamas Protest


Pro-Hamas demonstrations have broken out in universities across the nation, as we have reported extensively. However, the extremists that thought it would be a great idea to protest against Ole Miss may want to reconsider their strategy because it turned out to not be a good one. It’s not LA or New York, so you can’t expect to get a good response by bringing that kind of stuff to Oxford.

As soon as about 50-60 anti-Israel protesters showed up with Palestinian flags on the Quad, and the usual hateful slogans, they realized that this is a SEC country, when hundreds of counterprotesters gathered around them, shouting “We want Trump!” We want Trump!

This was an amazing sight, especially after the chaos we witnessed at Columbia University or UCLA.

This crowd, instead of cheering on terrorists sang a song we all know and love.

In my article about the disgusting incidents at UCLA that were finally shut down by the LAPD & CHP on Wednesday night, I mentioned the Governor. Gavin Newsom is a notable absentee. There were no rousing speeches condemning violence and antisemitism. The state’s chief executives office did not take any concrete action. Compare that to the response of the Republican Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves who made it clear that no destructive behavior will be tolerated in his state.

No matter how outrageous the views of those protesters may appear to us, peaceful protests are permitted and protected.

However, we will not tolerate any illegal behavior. The matter will be handled accordingly.

The law and order will not be disturbed!

You tell them, Guv.

Law enforcement prevented the situation from getting out of control as it had in many other institutions.

The police intervened swiftly, relocating the crowd behind the clock tower of the campus, in front of School of Applied Sciences. The police led pro-Palestine demonstrators into the building.

Jacob Batte is the director of media relations at the University of Mississippi. He confirmed that all pro-Palestine demonstrators were safely evacuated by buses. He was unable to confirm whether or not the protestors are students.

It’s good to see that there are still students who love America. There are probably many more students like them. It’s about time they started pushing back. Frat brothers who have become famous overnight already: