AOC Is Shaking Again as She Relives Her Jan. 6 Experience


Democrats are trying to distract attention from the terrible inflation that just reached new highs. The Jan. 6 Committee was their hope. This isn’t going so well. We all know that Jan. 6 was a busy day, but I wanted to comment on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s reaction (Delusional NY).

AOC was crying and said on Instagram that she was so angry at having to “relive the footage.”

AOC wrote on her Instagram that “on a personal level I wasn’t expecting” it would feel like this. But that’s the way trauma works. You believe you are fine. You think you’re good. But, now, so many of those sensations are roaring into my skin, muscles, and bones. The whole body is CLENCHED. We all have tools that can help us manage moments like this: mindfulness, breath, and so on.

This video was posted by AOC on Twitter.

“Good Lord. It all comes back into your body like a rush. It’s almost like that day over,” AOC stated.

But, we all know that there is a problem. She wasn’t at the Capitol Building at the time. She was in her office in the Cannon Office Building about half a mile from the Capitol. AOC claimed that she was scared by a police officer who tried to move her to another building. She was not “trapped” by anyone and she had no way out. AOC had an emotional meltdown, and Mace was brave enough to expose her story.

Here’s a take from another Representative.

However, AOC’s story continues to evolve. She seemed to hint that she knew the riot would happen before it happened.

“This was planned. There were so many notifications that I received leading up to this day. I was told to wear plain clothes. People told me that I would be a target. Let’s not forget the myth that poor people were being targeted. These people were able to fly private jets and stay in nice hotels. They also went to a happy hour afterward. They had the resources. They had resources and were targeting the Vice President, Speaker of the House, and everyone else who was present in the chamber and on the campus.

Private jets? Really? She knew more about the FBI and Capitol Police than she did. It’s fascinating, she should share more. Perhaps she should meet with police officers to share her knowledge.

Oh, by the way, where is that footage from the camera?

Good question, right?