Antifa’s Violent Attack on the Portland Peoples Truck Convoy Was Openly Plotted on Twitter


Antifa members attacked the “People’s Convoy” truckers with projectiles and paintballs at passing motorists to injure them and stop the convoy.

It could have been fatal. It was also openly coordinated on Twitter. However, Silicon Valley and Alejandro Mayorkas can be censored for their conservative speech.

Five men wearing masks gathered on the I-205 overpass that runs through Portland’s east side and recklessly and willfully threw objects at passing motorists. The sign they displayed read, “Trump Lost.” It seems that the Jacobins believed that everyone was as weak-minded and their words would trigger something.

The motorists were forced to stop following the assault, which caused a backup on Friday afternoon’s busy interstate freeway. This beltway runs through parts of Southwest Washington and Portland.

To harm innocent people returning home from school or work, the attackers recklessly dropped projectiles. The truckers were their target because they exercised their First Amendment rights of speech and Fifth Amendment rights to move free.

Antifa doesn’t like free speech, which is why I call these Jacobins, Anti-First-Amendment.

For attacks such as these, people have been sent to prison. Physics doesn’t care what your warped political beliefs are, Antifa.

One time, an old yellow firetruck was decommissioned and used its water cannon for antifa attacks.

John Hacker, an Antifa organizer and known maliciously and recklessly throwing objects at traffic, was one of the participants. I also spoke with Hacker on a recent episode of my Adult in the Room podcast. You should listen to it at least to appreciate the pseudo-intellectual babble and deflection used to justify Antifa’s lawlessness and willingness violence to shut down people. My interview with Antifa John was at the point when I realized that he was also one of those who attacked independent journalist Andy Ngo.

According to Ngo, Hacker was seen on the overpass Friday.

The police eventually responded but no information was available about arrests.

Many Antifa Twitter accounts circulated a story that shots were fired at them. However, there is no evidence to support that claim. One man can be seen getting out of his vehicle and taking the pistol from him. It’s not clear if he fired the gun. However, if someone used a gun they would have a good case for self-defense or defense.

Antifa attempts flooding the zone with tweets and retweets to get friendly leftist media attention to their storyline in order to later claim the upper hand over the corporate narrative.