American School Counselor Association Conference Exposed


Courage is a Habit is making waves. Alvin Lui, the founder of the movement to educate parents about the threats to their children by woke cultists bought a ticket for the American School Counselor Association conference and recorded it all. It’s a good thing that he did.

He discovered a boiling pot of dangerous ideologies, which are causing racial and ethnic divisions, a gender crisis and anxiety disorders, increased suicide rates, and an astonishing admission that school counselors took children to obtain birth control against their parents’ wishes.

Dr. Carolyn Stone, the ASCA’s retiring president, is shown telling a crowd of school counselors (parents believe they are helping kids get into college) a story about an ethical dilemma. She said that she gets a lot of these comments from school counselors about her talks on ethics. Stone shared a story about a school counselor who confronted her with shocking information.

She explained that she had taken her child to get contraceptives at the clinic as her mother wouldn’t allow it. She asked, “What do I do?” Stone then asked the group of school counselors for advice on what she should do in such a situation. “Solve it for me. One, tell her to go back to her mother to get her parents to confess. Two, tell her to call her mother to make the confession. Three, tell her to ‘hold your breath’ and pray. Tell your neighbor what you are going to tell her.

The whole crowd of school counselors yelled, “Three!” Dr. Stone replied inapprovingly, “See?” All of you are ready to join the ethics committee! Sign up!”

PJ Media listened to Stone’s entire speech and was able to understand the context. We found that Stone never said that Stone’s story was absurd or outlandish. After the crowd said that they would opt to “hold their breath and pray” for information about the contraceptive trip, Stone did not correct them. Stone moved on to equity. You can see her full remarks in the video at the end of this article.

She told PJ Media, “How that was misinterpreted? I could not have guessed.” We don’t do that! It was a joke that ensued. It is absurd that school counselors would put a child into their car. Everyone in the room can see that it’s ridiculous. She insisted that she was speaking to an audience who understood the context.

Stone refused to answer PJ Media’s question about the school counselor who told Stone this story. “This was somebody who had said to me following a presentation I did and, you know, you just –the deer-in-the-headlights brand new school counselor–this is why we have these conferences. This is why we wrote it. This is our position. It’s in our writing that we won’t allow children to reproduce. This goes beyond the boundaries of the neutral box. This is beyond the neutral box. With all the workshops that we have done on this topic, it’s all about parental right. Parents should be the voice of authority in the lives of their children.”

Stone was repeatedly asked to reveal the advice she gave to the counselor who had taken a child for birth control without consent or parental notification. She refused to answer every question, insisting that it didn’t happen despite her own account confirming it did.

Stone was shown several news articles by PJ Media about school counselors attempting to have an abortion or prevent birth control. She also insisted that these incidents were “outliers” and weren’t consistent with ASCA training.

Lui, however, published slides and documents from ASCA training on his site. It tells a completely different story. And that story is not at all neutral. Here’s a slide about “White people” being bad.

Stone claimed that she wanted parents to review ASCA materials. However, Lui was notified by his web hosting company that ASCA had sent them a cease and desist order based upon a copyright violation. They removed the Google Drive link from Courage Is a Habit.

Google reached Lui two days later to inform him that they had deleted his Google Doc under ASCA pressure.


According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Google was notified that your materials allegedly infringe on the copyrights owned by others. This message contains details about the materials allegedly violating copyrights. Please note that repeated violations of our Terms of Service could result in additional remedial actions being taken against your Google account and associated accounts, such as suspension or termination.

It is not clear that Lui claimed the material he republished was copiedrighted. Fair use laws require journalists to be able publish such documents for educational and informational purposes. These materials are being used in schools for students. These materials should be available in the public domain. If the ASCA isn’t doing any wrong, then why do they try to remove their training materials from the internet.

Stone pleaded for people to read ASCA materials during her interview with PJ Media. This would help us understand their true purpose. ASCA is now trying to make it impossible for you to read those materials. These are the worst things Lui discovered that ASCA won’t allow you to see.

Ironically, the conference was called “No Limits” and emphasized the controversial gender theory that leads to the mutilation or children by greedy surgeons. Many of these children are left with crippling effects like stunted growth and bone deterioration as a result of botched procedures. ASCA is pushing forward, training counselors to support the cultof the gender theologists. One slide outlines the preferred language of the gender cult, which is being forced down the throats of children in schools.

The slide below is especially disturbing. It labels children who don’t like being in locker rooms or bathrooms with other-sex students as “bullies.” This is deeply offensive and an attack on the privacy and safety of girls.

Agenda for “No Limits” conference included far-left programming such as “anti-racism”, which is code for encouraging racism and instituting hierarchy based upon skin color, becoming an “LGBTQ inclusive school,” “equity through systemic change,” support [for] transgender or gender-expansive student,” and many more. You will notice that there aren’t any events here that focus on respecting students’ First Amendment rights to free themselves from compelled speech and attacks on their religious beliefs. This seems to be an area ASCA does not care about.

Next slide, which is attributed to Human Rights Campaign, really irks:

A counselor could decide to be an ally for Catholic students by being visible pro-Catholic and displaying statues of Mary in the office, signs at the door that read “safe space to Catholics”, and repeatedly trying to normalize the use rosaries. This is a crazy idea. This would not be allowed in a public school. Why do counselors become “visible allies” for LGBTQ+ students? They “normalize pronoun usage” and push these fringe beliefs upon all students.

These are cult beliefs, which only a small number of people believe. Most of them are on TikTok. Many people don’t believe there are infinite genders, or that they can change their sex. This is why it is allowed to be accepted as universally acceptable.

This slide is very disconcerting. The slide below claims that counselors can help trans youth “[take] steps towards transition”. Dr. Stone insists that ASCA counselors do not do this. Their own materials contradict this claim. This slide shows how school counselors have been encouraged to advocate for medical procedures such as hormone therapy, puberty blockers and surgery. None of these individuals went on to medical school. They should not be telling minors these medical procedures are safe and even beneficial for them. This is absurd and their lawyers should tell them to stop. Anyone who does this should be sued for bankruptcy.

ASCA offers up to $2,000,000 in legal aid for its members. These counselors are protected by them! There are many organizations that can help parents file lawsuits against groomers seeking to take away their constitutional right to parent and control their child’s education.

Stone insists that ASCA does not indoctrinate children. However, evidence from their own materials supports this assertion. They know they are doing it, they know it isn’t what you want, they will try to hide it and lie to you if they have to.