15-Year-Old California Girl Overdoses on Fentanyl, Dies on School Bathroom Floor


A high school student died from a fatal fentanyl overdose at Hollywood’s Bernstein High School this week. Another student also overdosed but survived.

Los Angeles Police Department reports that officers were called after a stepfather discovered his stepdaughter had taken too much. The girl was responsive and told him that her friend had overdosed in the toilet. Later, the second girl was found to be unresponsive.

The LAPD stated that the parent went to school and entered the women’s toilet, where he found an overdose victim unresponsive. “The parent gave aid as instructed by 9-1-1. Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene and declared the victim deceased.

They thought the pills were Percocet or Oxycodone, but they were in fact laced with fentanyl.

Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified Schools District, stated that “this is a scourge” and “an epidemic that is occurring across the country.” It is unacceptable. But it is even worse when it affects the youth in our community. It is not acceptable and it is unacceptable.

Under the Biden administration, the fentanyl crisis has spiraled out of control. The Biden White House proposed that certain penalties for trafficking fentanyl-related drugs be removed. However, a record 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2011, with fentanyl being responsible for almost 70% of those deaths.