American Farmer Puts Bill Gates on Notice


Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, has been buying up American farmland. Gates has been a long-standing advocate for switching to plant-based meat. Although we don’t know if there is a link between Gates’s advocacy of processed meats and his desire to purchase so many farmland acres, it is not unreasonable to assume that he’s purchasing farmland to achieve this goal.

Gates has been notified by a Georgia farmer. White Oak Pastures Farm is owned by Will Harris in Bluffton. He’s the fourth generation to be involved with the farm. White Oak Pastures sells meat, poultry, and vegetables, as well as handmade products.

White Oak Pastures is committed to tradition as well as sustainability. The farm’s website states that they take pride in their farming practices, which focus on regenerative soil management, humane animal handling, and revitalizing rural communities. We know that radically traditional farming produces better products for our land, our livestock, and our village.

Harris is an experienced farmer and he and his team are happy to show you behind the scenes of the farm. My friend, who is studying agriculture at the college level, told me that she learned as much from Will Harris’s team as she did in school.
Harris shared his thoughts about Bill Gates via the farm’s Facebook Page on Monday.

Harris says, “Hell yes, I have concerns about Gates controlling agricultural land.” Harris continues, “Just as I don’t want a child abuser to be in control of even one child’s life, I don’t want him to have complete control over a single acre.”

He then lists five reasons why Gates’ ideas for farm policy are flawed.

First, land is valuable.

It might be more valuable than any other thing. It is a terrible thing to see someone who doesn’t know what to do with it being put in charge of it. What do you think I would do as a CEO of a financial institution or tech company? This logic is similar to allowing Gates to manage an ecosystem as complex as it is. He doesn’t have the knowledge to properly manage it.

The whole thing was kept secret, second.

A May 4, 2021 article stated that Gates had purchased more than 200,000 acres in 18 different states. Georgia wasn’t listed among the 18 states. However, a friend of mine sold his Georgia farm to Gates before that date. They lie about other things.

Third. Gates believes technology is the solution to all problems.

If you have only a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I am well-versed in the causes of most land management problems we face today.

Fourth, Gates has a lot of money in plant-based proteins.

He doesn’t understand that climate change is not caused by proper animal impact. Proper animal impact is essential for climate change mitigation. This type of environmental mitigation is not possible in a monoculture pea or soy farm operation.

Ask the farmers in India and Africa about how Gates’ influence has been beneficial to their agricultural systems.

You can get a glimpse at the repercussions of allowing a businessman to make farming decisions by researching the failed AGRA program. The billionaire-leopard won’t change his status as the world’s most powerful man.

Gates is invited to White Oak Pastures to experience the real operation of a farm. He closes his letter by closing the post.

To Mr. Bill Gates,

If you’re truly interested in the welfare and well-being of people, land and climate, I invite you to visit my farm.

You are invited to attend.


Will Harris

White Oak Pastures

Although we can be sure that Gates will not accept Harris’ offer, it is good for Harris to speak out.