A Fat Dude Won a Women’s Beauty Pageant, Because Transgender!


While most of the nation was waiting anxiously for the midterm elections to take place, on Sunday, a teen boy who is obese was named Miss Greater Derry 2023 in New Hampshire.

Miss America Organization includes the Miss Greater Derry pageant.

The victory of the fat dude in the pageant signifies that he has not only taken the title and crown from a real girl, but also a scholarship.

According to its website, the Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program was established in 1986 to provide scholarships for young women aged 17-24 who live in the Greater Derry region. It recognizes their exceptional achievements in scholastic ability, talent, community service, and poise.

Miss USA and Miss Universe have allowed biological men to compete against women who identify as women in the past. The Miss United States of America pageant (USOA), however, only allows real women to participate in the competition. This was recently confirmed by a lawsuit.

Brian Nguyen, the winner, boasted on social media about his win after robbing a girl of her title, crown, and scholarship.

He boasted on Instagram that he was the FIRST transgender titleholder in Miss America’s 100-year history.