68% of Black Americans Believe Gender is Determined By the Sex Assigned at Birth


Pew Research’s February 2023 poll revealed that more than two-thirds (or three-quarters) of black Americans believe gender is determined by sex at birth.

The poll is titled “Black Americans’ views about transgender/nonbinary issues” and asks about gender, discrimination, and transgender issues.

When asked if a person is determined to be a man or a woman “by the sex assigned at birth” or if people can be different from the sex they were “assigned at birth,” 68% of all black adults said a person’s gender is the same as the sex at birth, with 31% saying it can change.

More college-educated people and more degree recipients agree that gender is determined at birth (72% and 70%, respectively) than 64% of high-school-educated individuals.

Conservatives are in agreement with the statement at 70%, moderates at 75%, liberals at 51%, and conservatives at 70%.

A person who is more religious than they are at birth is more likely to agree that gender is determined by their sex at birth.

“I would venture to guess that the percentage of (blacks) who believe gender is determined at birth is actually higher,” says Pew.

Eric Butler, writer at TatumReport.com

It’s not a new phenomenon in the grand scheme of things, and most people over 40 wouldn’t entertain the idea. He said that people may be coming to terms and trying to backtrack with the fact that extreme gender ideologies aren’t working.


Three in ten black adults say religion has influenced their views, while only 18% agree with science’s influence.

Only 10% of respondents say their views are influenced by “knowing someone who is transgender.”

Bryson Gray, a Christian conservative hip hop artist, says that “Black Americans don’t get split.” “It’s only a small number of mentally unstable individuals that believe you can change your gender. He says these people are “weirdos” and should be ashamed.

35 percent of black Americans (or just over one-third) say they know someone who is transgender. There are no discernible differences between the categories.

Concerned about “discrimination against LGBTQ persons,” 57% of liberals are more concerned than 37% of conservatives.

Nearly six in ten (57%) black adults believe that black organizations should address the issues black LGBTQ people face.