22-Year-Old Destroys $8K Worth of Equipment When He Can’t Leave Work Early


Remember when everyone predicted that the next generation of young people would leave their homes and enter the workforce to quickly grow up? Did you ever think that a little bit of reality would help those whiners fly? It’s not true. We’re not talking about the new-faced HR manager, who cheerfully reminds employees that Friday struggle sessions in the main meeting rooms are mandatory. You can keep your privilege for a few days, but not this time.

Sebastian Daily reports that Carlos Morales, 22, wanted to leave early from his job at Wendy’s in Palm Bay FL. Morales started to dispute his supervisor, who said no. Morales was so furious that his manager ordered him to leave. The young man’s fury reached its peak. He was triggered. Justice demanded that he act. He did act.

Morales began a destructive rampage before clocking out or maybe even instead of clocking out to demonstrate how upset he was by his request that he complete his shift at a fast food restaurant. He entered the office and dumped liquids onto a computer screen before smashing it by throwing it against the wall. The computer was the server for all the terminals in the restaurant. He then grabbed it and threw the contents into the kitchen. It was valued at $8,000.

Let’s hope Morales made the most out of his time since police arrived at Morales’ home with questions. He explained to them that he had thrown the expensive tantrum after a dispute with his manager. He was arrested and charged with felony criminal misconduct. He was released on a $2,000 bond. Although I don’t know how his LinkedIn profile will reflect this, he might have some trouble finding a new job. It’s hard to imagine what his next interview will look like.

“So, why did you leave your last job?”

“Well, I wanted to clock out earlier, but my manager told me no. “So I destroyed an $8,000 server.”

“Uhh, thank you, I think. Please leave your resume. We probably won’t get in touch. Please do not break anything on your way out. NEXT?”

This is why AI in fast-food restaurants is so attractive, ladies and gentlemen. If it gets into a fight with its boss, a robot will show up on time and never leave early. It will not even get into a fight with its boss. You can reboot it if there’s a problem and give everyone a gift card for Frosty. Heck, I used to own a Red Heeler who was much more reliable than this one. The dog was able to herd goats. Although she didn’t have any other skills, she managed to herd goats like an expert. As appealing as it may sound, we can’t replace Morales with dogs. Therefore, robotic assistance is the next logical step.

Morales is a perfect example of someone who never got told “no”, never gave boundaries, and never had to live up to expectations. His years of participation trophies, self-esteem exercises, and participation are what has made him who he is. Although I don’t like the idea of machines replacing humans, his actions only serve to strengthen the argument for automation in the workplace. However, I am certain that he will find employment somewhere because his “day of fury” was motivated by a grave injustice. Perhaps as an HR DEI officer.