You’ll Never Guess Whom Kamala Harris Blames for the Border Crisis


Kamala Harris, the nominee vice president, sat down to answer a series of softball questions on NPR Monday. She promptly blamed congressional Republicans for the current border crisis. The surprise was the fact that Harris didn’t find a way to put blame on Donald Trump, the Left’s hated and loathed Emmanuel Goldstein figure for the failure of our open Southern border. Anyone who pays attention to the facts knows who is responsible for the unending influx of migrants, which promises to cause poverty and a rise in crime for Americans for many years to come. Harris, Joe Biden (her putative boss), and those who really run this administration.

Harris said that the problem at the frontier was caused by Republicans refusing cooperation: “And sadly,” Harris stated to NPR. “And sadly,” Harris added, “Sadly, Republicans in Congress are unwilling to engage in meaningful reforms that could actually fix much of what we’re seeing.”

Harris refers to “meaningful reform” as the elimination of all restrictions on entry to the United States. This will allow virtually anyone to enter the country at any time, for any reason, and without any difficulties. This is essentially what has been happening, but Harris, Biden, and their henchmen want to codify this chaotic situation into law. She stated that she believes there are many things that need to be done to resolve the problem. “Reform of our immigration system must be done through Congress. Congress must pass an immigration bill that provides legal pathways to citizenship and legal presence in the United States.

Keep in mind that Kamala Harris is Old Joe Biden’s “Border Czar”, although she was appointed to the job very early in the current dumpster fire, er administration. However, her refusal to actually visit the border she was supposed to fix raised eyebrows. Lester Holt, NBC, asked her why she hadn’t visited the place of the crisis that she was supposed to be ending. She replied, “And I haven’t been to Europe, so I don’t understand your point.”

Harris might not have been able to go because she wasn’t interested in what was on offer. There was no crisis, as far as she was concerned. Harris stated in September that “The border is secure but we also have an inefficient immigration system over the past four years, which needs to be fixed.” This again indicated that the problem was not the large numbers of immigrants flooding into the country but the absence of a mechanism to grant them citizenship immediately and register them as Democrats. Harris stated, “We have secure borders in that that is a priority nation, including ours, and our administration.” We are working to address many of the problems we have encountered over the past four years, given the damage that has occurred. We must also create a law and a plan to provide citizenship to the millions of people already here who are willing to comply with legal requirements to obtain citizenship.

Harris was referring to “the deterioration which has occurred over the past four years.” Harris clearly referred to Trump’s administration, claiming that Biden’s handlers had solved a problem at the border they discovered when they took office. Let’s take a look at the facts. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that in 2020, 458,088 individuals were arrested for crossing the border. This number almost quadrupled to 1,734,686 in 2021, Old Joe’s first year as an officeholder. The number jumped to 2,378,944 in 2022. Harris was referring to “deterioration”, not the essential erasure or destruction of the nation’s Southern border. But the prevention of such erasure. Harris stated that the problem that the administration was trying to fix was not that America was open and vulnerable to its adversaries, but that it had been less open and more vulnerable for the past four years.

Kamala Harris, her coworkers, and the rest of the sane Americans view it as a border problem. Kamala Harris sees it as a good state of affairs. They see a border crisis in that the scheming Republicans, who are threats to Our Democracy won’t immediately give American citizenship to all people on the planet. She blames the Republicans for creating the current border crisis. If they were socialist internationalists just like everyone else and intent on eliminating the idea of a nation-state, there would not be a border crisis. Our utopia of socialist bliss may have already dawned if it wasn’t for them.