You Won’t Believe What White House Interns Just Said About Biden!


White House interns have published an open letter that criticizes the current president in a parody-like manner. According to NBC News which viewed this letter, “more than forty interns” accused Joe Biden of ignoring their pleas for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza.

The letter also states that interns “will no longer remain silent about the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.” It is important to note that the Palestinians are not being subjected to genocide.

The White House interns have joined the list of officials who are applying pressure on President Joe Biden, asking him to call for an end to the violence between Israel and Hamas. They sent him a late-night letter accusing him of being “ignorant” of the “pleasances of the American public.”

According to the text, more than 40 interns working in the White House or other executive branch offices have signed the letter.

The interns wrote: “We, as the Fall 2023 White House interns and Executive Office of President interns, won’t remain silent about the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

When I read that, the first thing that comes to mind is how spoiled these clowns seem. Israel is a sovereign country. It would not matter if Biden had called for a direct ceasefire because the United States has no control over Israeli military actions. These interns are so naive that they think by saying a few words, they can make a country in another part of the world comply.

Israel will not stop fighting until Hamas has been destroyed. If these interns want a truce, they should call on the terrorists to surrender. But they don’t do that because, like most “protesters”, they are pro-Hamas. They don’t care about “oppression”, except to blame it on Jews.

Someone should tell these interns that there was already a ceasefire. Hamas violated it when they committed a terrorist act in Jerusalem and shot civilians at a bus stop. The Hamas also violated the agreement by refusing the release of all women and children as part of the initial deal to maintain the ceasefire. They also broke it by launching rockets before Israel’s resumption.

When these interns call for a truce, they want Israelis to stop shooting and just die. Hamas, and the Palestinian population in general, have no intention of living peacefully with Israelis. They are not shy about their intentions. Hamas leaders who say they will continue to kill Jews are only heard by Western liberals as “secularism”.

Here is a little more of the letter.

The interns wrote: “We listen to the American people’s voices and demand that the Administration demands a permanent cessation of hostilities.” We are not today’s decision-makers, but we strive to be tomorrow’s leaders. And we will never forget the American people’s pleas that have been ignored.

We should make it our priority to stop them from becoming the leaders of tomorrow. A true leader would terminate all of these insubordinate hacks, and stop their career progression. Biden’s not that kind of leader, so I would expect him to ignore it or praise them for their courage.