Woman with Breast Cancer Denied Treatment by Oregon Clinic Over ‘Transphobia’


Marlene Barera is battling breast cancer. Originally, she was going to have a mastectomy performed at Richmond Family Medicine Clinic in Portland. Now, she is forced to seek treatment elsewhere.

Doctors can “fire” patients who are uncooperative, for example, if they refuse to comply with treatment or pay their bills. This does not happen often, but it is possible in extreme cases. Patients cannot be fired simply because they happen to be forgetful or sloppy about their finances. It does not happen often, but it is an option in extreme circumstances. That being said, political views are not a reason for releasing a patient from care. But that is what happened to Barbera.

She called her doctor via the MyChart app and said:

It’s intimidating to be treated by a medical professional with a banner that states that I am an adult female who can opt-in for male-gender nonconforming. It is not true that I am a male gender nonconforming adult. Call me and we can arrange to meet to discuss how I could access your services without being forced to walk under this banner.

Barbera believed the message to be a private discussion between her and her doctor. The clinic staff heard her remarks. Her primary care provider, who has treated her family for 12 years, refused to remove the flag.

Barbera called the doctor’s office and spoke to someone about a blood test.

The person insisted I make an appointment. I have breast cancer and consequently an abundance of medical appointments so I did not want to do that. They got frustrated with my ‘non-compliance’ and hung up on me. Thinking it might have been in error, I called back. I was told I was “not allowed” and that I must speak to the previous person who had hung up on me. I declined as things hadn’t gone well the first time…I asked, guessing “Did I hurt the trans person’s feelings?” And the receptionist took offense to the question, asking “What did you say” slowly and with great emphasis.

Barbera received a MyChart message from Stein Berger at Oregon Health Science University. He told her that Richmond is an “all-inclusive clinic” which values and promotes diversity. She was told that her “transphobic comments” were “harmful” to the staff.

Your repeated insults and abuse of our LGBTQ staff, community, and clinic have led to this action. You have also been dismissed from the OHSU Family Medicine Clinics, including Immediate care clinics.

Her service ended on 29th July. Reduxx said that she had nowhere to go.

The trans movement is a dangerous movement that is a fight for men’s rights.

This is a frightening situation. The clinic was willing to execute Barbera for a simple difference of opinion.

Some people on the left and in the transgender community will say that this is just rough justice. Elenis et. al. would do well to remember that it’s not just about wedding cakes and websites. There are many companies and individuals who would be willing to meet these requests.

The transgender movement, and those who support it, do not understand these thoughts. They only care about themselves. They embrace love. And they will even let someone die.