Woman Bites and Elbows TSA Agents Over Confiscated Apple Juice


Fox News obtained court documents that claim a woman assaulted three TSA agents for taking away her apple juice from a checkpoint.

Makiah Colman was arrested and charged at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with aggravated assailant, two counts of misdemeanor, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct. Her alleged outburst redirected over 450 passengers.

The TSA issued a statement saying that the unprovoked, brazen attack on the employees was unacceptable.

The incident occurred just before 6 a.m., on April 25, 2023. Coleman, 19, allegedly bit two of the three TSA officers and sent them to the hospital.

Coleman began “ranting and screaming” after her juice had been confiscated. She then attempted to grab a bin that contained her personal items but was pushed away by a TSA agent.

AZ Central reports that Coleman was also accused of climbing on a TSA table between herself and a TSA Agent after another agent grabbed her by the waist to control her. Coleman allegedly then elbowed a TSA agent in the face, causing him to suffer a concussion. Other agents then sat Coleman down on a seat.

Coleman is accused of getting up and attacking another agent, pulling her by the ponytail and hitting her with “hammer fist” blows three to five more times.

Documents show that Coleman complained to the police about having to leave the security area to buy food and then return to security. Coleman also allegedly said that a TSA officer hung up on her while she was speaking to her mother. She allegedly later admitted to having attacked agents, but had “kinda blacked out.”

The TSA said, “We appreciate our dedicated workforce for their role in protecting travelers every day.” TSA said that the incident resulted in three TSA officers being injured and inconvenienced 450 passengers who were redirected by TSA to another checkpoint nearby for security screening.

Coleman was held under a bond of $4,500.