Why Is The FBI Afraid Their Whistleblower Will Be Killed?


My grandfather told of how he and a friend used to hang out on a parking lot in the Tiger Stadium area, just a few blocks from the Detroit house he shared with his four brothers, his unemployed, alcoholic father, and their other family members.

My grandfather offered his “protection service” to drivers whose windows might have been broken by sports fans.

He warned them, “It is a rough area.” The majority of the people got it and paid a nickel. If they didn’t do so, he and a friend would wait until game time and smash the headlights of every car owned by “skin flints.”

He was so happy when the Tigers won in 1935 that he quit his “racket” in the parking lot. He remained crime-free, until my future mother-in-law, my great-grandmother, paid him for him to work as a “shill”, at the blind pig, which she ran. He was responsible for keeping the drinkers joking and drunk.

The FBI, when it comes to rackets and bribery schemes, is “afraid,” that one of its whistleblowers – who is behind a report by the FBI involving a $5,000,000 Joe Biden bribery scam – will “die if unmasked.”

Just left the meeting for House Oversight. Anna Paulina Luna, Florida GOP Rep., said that the FBI fears their informant would be killed if he were unmasked. This is based on information he provided about the Biden Family.

Who would kill a whistleblower?

It’s not hard to imagine that some people might interpret this as a thinly veiled threat, given how the FBI has dealt with other whistleblowers.

A “blind pig” in Detroit is an after-hours/illegal bar. Detroit’s 1967 brutal riots began when police were attacked by a crowd gathered to witness the arrests after they responded to a complaint about noise at a “blind pig”.

Former FBI agent Garret Boyle testified before Congress about the brutal revenge that the FBI took on him and his wife when he turned whistleblower.

The FBI let me accept orders for a new job halfway across the country. The FBI allowed my family to sell our home. When our youngest child was only 2 weeks old, they ordered me to report for duty in the new unit. On my first day at the new unit, I was suspended, leaving my family without a home. – Garret O’Boyle

O’Boyle also testified that the FBI held all the belongings of his family and did not release them for several weeks. O’Boyle’s family became homeless, and they had to depend on friends and family for shelter and warm coats during the Wisconsin winter.

The DOJ and the House Oversight Committee are currently in a staredown. The “trusted and highly credible informant, who has worked for the FBI over 10 years, has been paid six-figure sums” revealed the Biden crime clan was “Arkansiding”.

The FBI has allowed the Oversight Committee access to the alleged smoking gun document detailing Joe Biden’s alleged $5,000,000 bribery plan, but it refuses to let the committee take control. The FBI claims that allowing the committee to take control of this document could put their whistleblower in danger, even though it is redacted.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia GOP Rep., told Daily Mail that whistleblowers “fear for their lives due to our government.”

She said that the FBI would protect the informant if it “cared to do the right thing.”

How far will the FBI go in order to protect America’s oldest crime family? What point, if any, will the FBI cut the Bidens free and let the legal eagles snag the Bidens and drag them to court?