Why Do Assumed Muslim Victims Find Inspiration in the Victimization of Others?


Mahmoud Al Habash, Supreme Sharia judge for the Palestinian Authority spoke on the first day of Ramadan, April 1, 2022. He praised the jihads waged by the prophet Muhammad during Ramadan.

Ramadan was a significant month in the life and times of Prophet Muhammad. Is it possible that the Prophet spent Ramadan peacefully, in serenity, and laziness? The Battle of Badr was fought by the Prophet [624] during Ramadan… Also, the Prophet and the Muslims conquered Mecca …. within the 8th Year of Hijra (629-630 ]. Ramadan… is a month dedicated… to Jihad, conquest, and victory.

This isn’t the first time leading Palestinians have used the history of Jihad to link Ramadan. Adnan Abu Amar, head of the Political Science Department of the University of the Ummah in Gaza, wrote a piece explaining how Palestinians can draw inspiration from many jihads across Islamic History, such as the raid of Badr or the conquest of Mecca.

Understanding the motivations and nature of these conquests is key to understanding the causes and consequences of the battles. They invaded territory that was not Muslim, killed its inhabitants, and then took their lands. They were nonMuslims and “infidels” for this reason only.

The Battle of Badr was the result of Muhammad’s raids on non-Muslim caravans. The years 711-716 were when Muslims invaded Spain and killed thousands of Christians. In 732, the Muslim invasions in Western Europe were stopped at Tours.

It’s not uncommon for Palestinian elements to praise unjustified conquests made in others’ names. A Palestinian cleric Nidhal Siam said:

Muslims, this anniversary commemorating Constantinople’s conquest gives you hope for the future. The conqueror of Rome, Allah also willingly exterminate its neighbors and expanded its reach to all of the east.

The crowd and the cleric from Palestine chanted, “By means, the Caliphate. The consolidation of power. Muhammad, the Conqueror vanquished Constantinople!” “Your conquest is certain!” ”

It is important to ask the question again: Why do the Palestinians present themselves to the international community as an oppressed person whose land was unjustly occupied?

Why don’t the Palestinians sympathize and support the Christians of Spain, who were occupied by the Muslim invaders from North Africa?

Should the Palestinians, who claim to be an oppressed people whose land was stolen, not sympathize more with the Christians of Constantinople than Muhammad The Conqueror? Unsavory pedophile, he invaded and conquered a Christian city while also committing a number of atrocities against its inhabitants.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Other than the fact that Islam regards Rome, since the conquests in Constantinople, as the symbol head and must be subjugated.

The striking claim made by the Palestinian cleric Siam to thundering applause was “Islam will throw their neighbors to the ground” which means that any non-Muslim is vulnerable to swords and jihad even if they live thousands of kilometers away.

This is all quite unbelievable when seen in context. Yet, they are proud of the past and have hopes for future conquests. They are/were not Muslims.

This is the main point. The basic dichotomy of Islamic concepts about “justice,” is the basis for their notions. Muslims can conquer, kill and subjugate land. This is what is right. Muslims can’t live under the “infidel” authority of Israel.