Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes Fury on Trump Over ‘Anti-White Feeling’ Claim


Whoopi Goldberg co-host on the Wednesday episode “The View”, lost it over Donald Trump. Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the TDS-ridden panel lose their stuff daily over Trump, but Whoopi’s latest attempt was both laughable and patently wrong.

Goldberg, who was visibly angry, was upset by a comment Trump had made recently about race in America today. She snarled as she stared into the camera:

It’s my favorite, and I will tell you that I was enraged by it. There is an anti-white sentiment in the country at this time. This is what [Donald Trump] has said.

You know, Sir. You know, sir. No one in your family has been chased for the color of his or her skin. You’re a jerk! Here, there’s no anti-white issue. Here you are promoting anti-humanist views.

Anti-humanist is someone who rejects, opposes, or opposes humanist beliefs, principles, or assumptions. Anti-humanists do not necessarily oppose human beings. They merely claim that a humanistic view of life may be morally harmful.

Donald Trump may be many things to many people, but Whoopi is a fool here. Trump was correct, whether you love him or hate him. And I would bet that all honest, semi-informed adults in America know it. How could they be so blind?

One X-user responded to Goldberg’s diatribe by presenting multiple examples that proved the opposite. They include:

Please stop doing these things, white people!

The future of humanity depends on stopping white men.

What is wrong with white people?

Yoga should be banned for white people

The toxic, cowardly masculinity of white men is our unhealed national disease

22 Reasons Why White People Shouldn’t be Allowed to Name Their Children

Um, Whoopi?

Trump said in a recent Time magazine interview: “There’s a clear anti-White sentiment in the country. This can’t happen.”

One X user responded to Trump’s last point by warning that Goldberg was “again saying the quiet part loudly” on the left.

We should be grateful that they are saying the quiet part loudly. No one should be in doubt that the nation of the new America was founded on racial revenge. This is a nation that’s no different than Zimbabwe or South Africa. The results will remain the same if the current trend continues.

Not so long ago, such a discussion of “racial vengeance” or a comparison between the country and Zimbabwe or South Africa was dismissed as nonsense. Is this still true? I’m not sure.

Race hustlers, like Whoopi, Sunny Hostin, and MSNBC Joy Reid, rely on low-information, Democratic voters to accept their narratives without question.

Goldberg, who knowingly and stupidly used code words and images of the past to try and paint Trump as a racist — or should I say “anti-humanist,” was ignorant in her attempt.

Yes, they are both stupid and ridiculous. Yes, but also: most low-information voters don’t belong to Mensa.