Whoopi Goldberg Defends Embarrassing Biden Moment When He Called For Politician That Had Died A Month Ago


Whoopi Goldberg stood by President Joe Biden when he asked for a politician who had died in August.

The video that showed him calling on Indiana Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski during an event at the White House Wednesday was mocked by critics and ridiculed by him on social media.

“I would like to thank you all… including bipartisan elected representatives such as Senator Braun, Senator Booker, and Representative… Jackie, are you there? Where’s Jackie?” Biden said.

He said, “I believe she was going to come here to make this a reality.”

Walorski, along with two of her assistants, died in August after their car was involved in a head-on crash with another vehicle. The driver of the other car also died.

Reporters attacked Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary when she claimed that Biden had Walorski at the “top of her mind” when he made these comments.

During Thursday’s “The View,” Goldberg provided her defense.

“You know, my goodness, c’mon, it’s not possible to go after him because he didn’t give aid to Florida or not tackle the infrastructure. He’s also given aid to Ukraine so you can’t go after that!” Goldberg stated.

“But, you can pursue him for forgetting that someone is gone!”

“I mean, she died last month. Not like a hundred years ago. “‘Cuz that was something we also dealt with, where people said, You know, that person who died 100 years ago did an amazing job,” she continued, referring to the moment when Donald Trump spoke as though Frederick Douglass was still alive.

These are the moments that critics have used to attack Biden’s mental and physical health.

Here are Goldberg’s comments in video form: