Who Are The Marijuana Offenders Biden Just Pardoned?


Federal prosecutors won’t send you to prison for possessing marijuana unless you were present at the Capitol on January 6. You won’t find any person being held in prison for simple possession in this age of marijuana as a national pastime. Biden’s announcement that he will pardon all those convicted for simple possession is a clear indication of the fact that there is more to it.

“I am announcing a pardon for all federal offenses of simple possession of marijuana. Biden stated that there are many people who have been convicted of marijuana possession and may face difficulties in finding employment, housing, or education. They will be relieved of this burden by my pardon.

Do you know of thousands of people who are denied employment opportunities? This question is for you: In an age of open-air drug markets, which federal prosecutor would spend the time and money to pursue someone simply for possessing marijuana? They aren’t. Who is in federal prison for simple possession of marijuana? People who were convicted of more serious offenses but pleaded guilty to simple marijuana possession are clearly in federal prison. If Biden is correct that these people are low-level criminals then why not push for the release of their sentencing reports? This would include their entire criminal history.

It’s more than the fact that these people will be targeted by the feds. At this time, why would anyone want to be in the federal system for marijuana? They are foreign nationals! The U.S. Census Bureau has data that shows almost 91% of all federal marijuana offenders were non-citizens in fiscal 2013. The U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that almost 91% of federal marijuana offenders were non-citizens in fiscal 2013, before the decline in border enforcement. They were all arrested near or at the border in 91.5%

This shows that it wasn’t just a U.S. issue. Random people were picked up by marshals in cities to smoke a joint. These were cartel traffickers, who brought in marijuana and other deadly drugs that have decimated tens of thousands of American youth. Biden should not withhold the identities of those arrested and the nature of these arrests.

Even if they believe they are lower-level criminals, it is not a reason to keep them in prison. They should, however, be returned to their homeland. The Biden administration did not mention the fact that more than 90% would be transferred from prison to ICE custody. All of them will likely be released. This means that tons of cartel traffickers are likely to be freed into the general population.

CNN confirmed earlier this week that the pardon does not apply to non-citizens who were not lawfully present in America at the time of the offense. But they also quoted “a senior administration official” saying that “anyone who has perpetrated that offense could not face federal prosecution at this point based on that conduct.” This is an invitation to cartel traffickers.

If you agree with the Biden administration’s decision to stop the federal roundup of average Americans who smoke a joint, remember that these people will not be the ones who benefit from the order. It’s a gift for the cartels that flood our country with illegal aliens and criminals.