White House Says Biden Has Done More Than Any Prior President To Secure Border


Wednesday’s White House defense of President Joe Biden’s record regarding immigration was a matter of pride. It stated that no president has done more to secure America’s southern border than he.

Biden visited the border on Saturday, controversially stopping in El Paso, Texas to meet with Mexican officials. According to reports, large migrant camps were cleared in the city before Biden visited. This prompted questions from the media corps.

“Why didn’t President Biden want the truth about what’s happening at the border?” During the afternoon press conference, a reporter asked this question.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, replied that he did. After which Peter Doocy, Fox News reporter, stated that Biden had never spoken to immigrants and hadn’t gone where illegally crossed people.

Jean-Pierre responded by saying that Biden had not only done what he could, but had done more than any president before him to secure the border.

She said, “Look, the President has been doing work.” She said that the president has done more than any other president to secure the border, as well as create a safe, humane, and orderly immigration system.

Jean-Pierre has reassured that there have been no illegal crossings of the border since Biden’s election. In fiscal 2020, 300,000 immigrants crossed the border. This number jumped to 2.1million in 2021, and 2.4million last year.

Republicans have called the visit of President Obama a “fake photograph op”

Jean-Pierre stated that Biden visited the migrant centre, which was an important place when you consider our partners who help support migrants on the ground. “There were no migrants in the facility at the time he visited.”

When asked if it was “a coincidence” that everything was so calm upon Biden’s arrival, the press secretary responded by defending his record.

She said, “It’s a good thing we’ve seen the number go down.” “That’s something we should be saying is, ‘OK. Good job there.