White House Has Disgraceful Response to Leftists Targeting Churches and Homes of Justices


The leak of the SCOTUS draft opinions by the White House is not being condemned. This attack on the Court’s integrity and intimidation of the justices has been denied by the White House. They refused to say whether they would accept the Court’s decision when it came down.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, was offered another opportunity on Thursday to do exactly that. She pointedly declined to do so for Joe Biden.

Psaki retorted that the leak was a distraction that wasn’t as serious as the SCOTUS non-decision. To increase their chances of winning November, they want to whip the left into a frenzy about it.

It doesn’t take much to condemn it. It doesn’t mean they disagree with it. This is consistent with the report that the White House knew of the leak before it happened. They won’t condemn it if they knew about it or were involved in it. This White House is launching more attacks on norms.

Psaki was also asked her opinion on the progressive attempts to target the justices. Leftist groups have targeted six justices’ addresses and have threatened to disrupt their homes with protests on May 11.

These groups have been targeting them already – RBG’s wrongly named group, “Ruth Sent Us”, has videos of RBG in front of Justice Barrett’s house on their Instagram. It’s not something I want to link to, and I won’t spread it. Barrett is a mother to two small children. They don’t care. On her TikTok video, there are radicals saying, “Hey Amy Barrett! Impose your People of Praise values on America and we promise you’ll have no peace.”

Radical leftists are using Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name for intimidation purposes, and are targeting churches in the next week’s services of invasion, especially Catholic and Evangelical churches. They are starting their attacks on Mother’s Day.

Here is a sample of an invasion they conducted at a church service.

These are the Democrats’ current tactics: intimidating justices and invading church services to harass Christians for their faith.

Psaki did not condemn the intimidation of the justices. Biden called Americans who want America Great “extreme,” but said that they were people who wish to intimidate the justices. Psaki stated that those people are great. Psaki said that he supported the targeting of the justices, claiming it was a peaceful protest and “isn’t extreme.”

Um, Jen? They are specifically saying that they aren’t peaceful.

Doocy attempted to make another attempt, noting that radicals had put a map of the justices’ houses. Psaki, however, sided with the radicals and spoke of their “passion” rather than the intimidation of Supreme Court justices

She stated that Biden did not have an “official position” regarding it other than that she wanted “privacy to be respected”. But radicals already don’t respect that privacy and she isn’t calling that wrong.

Is it okay for radical protesters to show up at her house? People on the right would not do that and wouldn’t encourage it, as they have different principles from her. However, she implicitly endorses going to officials’ homes right now because it’s all about achieving their ends.

The radicals are still organizing insurrection on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok — but they haven’t been stopped despite intimidation.

It is shameful Joe Biden and the Democrats have accepted this. Although I thought the Biden team couldn’t get any more deplorable, they keep getting worse. Republicans should strongly condemn them for this and remind voters of who is destroying norms in this country.