What’s With All the Food Processing Plants Blowing Up Lately?


A strange trend has emerged over the past few months that is statistically impossible for us to predict. Numerous factories, logistical centres and food processing plants were set on fire or exploded. Two of these buildings were struck by planes. This trend is growing in popularity on social media.

A Walmart Fulfillment Center in Indianapolis was set on fire Wednesday afternoon. The center was home to approximately 1,000 employees.

As large plumes of smoke rose into view from miles away, crews fought the flames.

Plainfield Fire Territory Fire Chief Brent Anderson said that while the fire has been put out, crews are still moving debris around to extinguish hot spots.

The building that caught fire is located next to the second Walmart Fulfillment Center. The second building, which is located next to the one that caught on fire, was closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

The fire spread to an area of approximately 1.2 million square feet, roughly equal to 20 football fields. Officials stated that firefighters had successfully contained the fire to the first Walmart fulfillment center.

Seven workers were hurt in an explosion at Shearer’s Foods in Hermiston, Ore, on February 2. An ammonia blast caused by a large fire at the Salinas food processing facility in California, forced evacuations.

A large fire at Port of Benicia, California took over 24 hours to extinguish two weeks ago. Concerns arose about possible future increases in gas prices.

The large fire at Belfast’s potato processing facility is expected to have ripple effects across Maine’s agricultural sector.

Penobscot McCrum used Maine-grown spuds in the production of products that were distributed all across the country.

Thursday morning’s fire left the building engulfed and 138 people without work.

Let’s now move on to the fires and crashes of planes. These are coincidences, or are they?