We’ve Got the Deep State on the Run


Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided and searched by a group of FBI agents. They were allegedly looking for documents that the National Archivist claims Trump took from the White House without authorisation. Is the raid on Trump’s Florida house a pretext for agents to search it in the hope of finding damning evidence about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot? Or did the Department of Justice hope that the raid would cause Trump supporters to go crazy and re-enact the J6 protest before the midterm elections? Don’t fall for the trap. Both scenarios seem plausible. It is not plausible that Merrick Garland’s Police State visited Palm Beach to search for cocktail napkins or dinner menus. The claim that the White House wasn’t aware of the raid is also not plausible. A raid on an ex-president of the United States, and likely candidate in 2024, could not have happened without Joe Biden (or anyone else making the decisions these days at White House) signing off.

The good news? People are starting to notice the corruption at the top of our government. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been revered by law-abiding citizens for decades, possibly with a naivety derived from TV dramas or Hollywood blockbusters. The truth is that the FBI has been politicized from its inception. FBI directors, from J. Edgar Hoover through James Comey have used the agency to attack political foes for decades. Cynical partisans have also used the Department of Justice to take revenge on and neutralize their political enemies. Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s attorney general was the first to be held in contempt by Congress. He was not punished. The same was true for the many Deep State actors who embraced the Russia collusion hoax and insisted to the bitter end they had done no wrong.

We now know what the problem is. Where do we go? We can protest peacefully, send angry emails or post diatribes via social media but this is not going to solve the problems that are destroying our republic. The solution lies in winning elections. Decisively. The midterms were first, then the White House in 2024. Last week I wrote that Trump did a tremendous service to the country by making Americans aware about the corruption in our government and exposing the deep state. He was unable to drain the swamp, partly because it was always investigating him. Florida Gov. Florida Governor This should be our model for the future, once we regain control over Congress and the White House.