WaPo Attacks Libs of TikTok Again, This Time for Not Policing Their Most Ridiculous Reporter


The drama between the Wasington Post (LoTT), and Libs of TikTok is never ending. It is clear that the leftist rag wants the Twitter user to win.

Although the Bezo’s “news” source is owned by the Bezos, it clearly harbors a grudge. However, it’s its fault. WaPo has never recovered from the reputational damage Taylor Lorenz tried to cause to it by trying to sink it through a hit piece in which she showed up at LoTT’s homes. Lorenz continues to dig the same hole that she dug for the site.

Lorenz, for example, is still trying to sink LoTT, but she’s failing miserably. It would seem that LoTT’s editors are also having trouble controlling Lorenz. WaPo editors almost put the burden on LoTT to ensure that their reporter has accurate facts.

LoTT published a DM conversation with WaPo Silicon Valley correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin about a Post article that mentioned a hospital which was said to have been evacuated because of threats it received over a LoTT post. Only the hospital was not evacuated. Lorenz asked LoTT about Dwoskin’s hospital activities, but LoTT just recited the story without any confirmation.

Hilariously, LoTT confronted Dwoskin over the lie and Dwoskin claimed that LoTT was responsible for the error, not Lorenz. Dwoskin tried to make LoTT accountable for Lorenz’s reporting and policing, but not herself nor WaPo’s editors.

There is no better example of the extent to which the Washington Post, and the rest of the mainstream media, have fallen. Although journalists are human beings, it is important for them to apologize for major errors.

But here is a major publication holding the hated subject responsible for its reporting accuracy. This is the WaPo’s current behavior. It cannot be considered a news source. It is a gossip magazine that holds grudges against individuals.

WaPo must start paying its subjects if it wants to hold them responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the reports it publishes.