Viral Video of a Man Hosing Down a Homeless Woman Is Inciting All the Wrong Rage


The United States has seen a rise in homelessness and drug addiction. These issues are more prevalent in Democrat-controlled areas.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are two Smurf blue cities in the state. These cities are home to so many drug-addicted homeless that daily clips show them looking like third-world countries.

Tent cities, homeless people sleeping on the streets, and piles and piles and garbage infestation miles of the cityscape are all examples of what city leaders do. Yet, they not only don’t help but push for more of these “solutions”. Residents feel helpless and are unable to live or work in peace.

Collier Gwin is one such man, who has lived in San Francisco for 45+ years. According to KPIX TV, Gwin owns an art gallery in Jackson Square on Montgomery Street. However, customers have abandoned the area due to the horrible homeless situation.

Gwin was at his wits’ end one day. The city had failed to address the problem of homeless people so the owner decided to take matters into his own hands. In an act of rage, he ran outside and turned on the hose to spray a homeless lady who had been sleeping outside his gallery for several days. His goal was to get her to leave. Gwin now faces a lot of online hate after this was posted by TikTok by a local store owner.

KPIX-TV reported Gwin truly regrets his actions. However, he explained that he had reached an end with this woman as she was causing him financial difficulties and causing havoc in the area surrounding his gallery. After officials refused to help the woman, Gwin’s desperate move with the hose was an act of desperation.

After cleaning up the mess she left behind and letting her sleep in the doorway, he said that this confrontation was the result of many attempts to get her help. He said that she is a frequent knocker of trash cans and has scared off clients.

Gwin stated that he and other local business owners have called SFPD or social services more than twenty-six times over the past two weeks.

Gwin stated, “I told her she needs psychiatric treatment.” “You can see she is pulling her hair, screaming, talking in tongues, and throwing food all over the place.”

Online commenters can be seen virtue signaling in no end how horrible and inhumane this man is for his actions. But this is keyboard warrior gibberish. Many of these people may never find themselves in the same situation as this man. They won’t be able to watch as the property they have built is gradually destroyed by drug addicts who infest the area looking for potential customers. They won’t have to pick up any trash or toxic waste they leave behind.

Gwin is not the one who should be angry. It’s the Democrat politicians, who sit in their safe-guarded homes and offices while eating in high-end restaurants in areas where the homeless problem really gets dealt with, that are the ones who deserve the anger. These people continue to worsen the problem through their backward policies encouraging homelessness and drug addiction.

Gwin is as much a victim of these policies as the homeless woman. Although it is unfortunate that this happened, California’s politicians are responsible.