Venezuelan Migrant Boasts of Taxpayer Support, Backs Times Square Shooter


Leonal Moreno is a Venezuelan influencer who urges his followers, to support the migrant teenager’s case against the Times Square shooting.

Don Rosenberg and Ron Vitiello, former acting ICE Director, who had a son killed by an illegal alien, comment on the University of Georgia killing and its impact on immigration policies.

A Venezuelan migrant named Leonal Moreno posted a video on his social media, urging over 300,000 of his followers to “unite”, and pay the fines for a 15-year-old migrant accused of shooting a tourist at Times Square this month.

“I invite you all to come together and pay the fines so the young Venezuelan will feel less alone in difficult times. “Remember that there is a God up there who watches over everything [down there],” said the Venezuelan TikToker.

He said, “An entire country [is] on him instead of helping him. Remember that the young boy is going to get released. Do you know why he’ll be released? “Because he is underage.”

Video by Leonel Moreno, Venezuelan migrant about Rivas Figueroa’s accusations. (TikTok @leitooficial_25)

Moreno said in the video, “You never know when God will put you in such a situation as this young man’s,” referring to the attempted murder charges filed against Jesus Alejandro Rivas Figueroa. The teenager is being tried for his actions of February 8th.

He captioned in Spanish his 90-second TikTok clip, which now has 2.5 million views.

Comments on the video were mixed. One user called Moreno “a clown”, and another said, “He should be in prison or return to his home country.”

Leonel Moreno explains his motivation for moving to America. (TikTok @leitooficial_25)

Moreno’s content is centered around his lifestyle, including how he earns money by begging on the street and living off the money distributed by the government.

In a video posted on February 21st Moreno explained his reasons for migrating to America. He said, “You are here to work and I am here to vacation. Look at the differences. You and I did not come for the same reason. “You came to the United States to pay taxes you did not pay in Venezuela.”

On the same day, a migrant posted a second video in which he confessed, “I confess I don’t enjoy working because it causes me allergies.” We both have no money, whether you work or I do. “They keep criticizing us because I live on the taxes that you pay every month.”

The New York Post reported that the Venezuelan TikToker and his partner and daughter reside in Columbus, Ohio.

Daniel Di Martino is a Manhattan Institute fellow from Venezuela and told The New York Post that “Americans are outraged at how someone could come… and abuse America’s laws and benefits.” He’s one of many people who take advantage of the taxpayers because our laws are poorly written. They can collect welfare and wait years for asylum decisions that will likely be denied.

The migrant crisis is continuing across the nation. As a result, violent acts by those such as Rivas Figueroa and Jose Antonio Ibarra have brought to light several questions about the current state of immigration.

Biden said recently, “Congress had a proud, long history – a bipartisan one – on immigration reform, and adhering to our international treaty commitments, which we have signed about immigration. These reforms have made America the nation of law, the nation of immigrants, and the strongest economy on the planet. Something changed. Our laws and resources have not kept pace with the immigration system. It’s broken. “Our politics have failed to fix this.”