UK Parliament Successfully Petitioned to Debate Ending LGBT Education in Schools


We are not afraid to discuss the ongoing debate over LGBT propaganda and grooming in public schools. This debate is not limited to the United States, it should come as no surprise that there are other countries involved. UK residents are trying to protect their children from this harmful material. They have petitioned their government through Parliament’s petitioning platform to get them to discuss removing it from their primary school curriculum.

Fares Rahmani created the petition. It states that “we believe children shouldn’t be taught about this at a young age.” I am certain there are many parents who don’t want their children or others to learn about LGBT in primary school.

Learn more about the Relationships Education Primary School Curriculum here.

All petitions with more than 100,000 signatories will be “considered for a debate at Parliament.” The petition was launched on Jan. 12, 2023, and had a deadline to reach 100,000 signatures by July 12. It reached its goal in just five days. It is unclear how many signatures are from valid UK residents. Signatories can choose any country to be their home, even though the site states that petitions can only be signed by “British citizens” and “UK residents”.

It has almost 200,000 signatures at the time of writing and is expected to have more than 1.2 million by July. After the petition reached 100,000 signatures, a counter-petition was filed.