U.S. Senate Begins with Prayer Honoring Victims of Late Iranian President Accused of Genocide


After the death of Iran’s President, which was not so tragic, the left is experiencing an identity crisis. Ebrahim Raisi, along with others, including the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister, perished in a helicopter accident on Sunday. Anyone with a passing understanding of aviation will know that low-altitude flights, poor visibility, and mountains do not mix.

How to respond was the question for mainstream media and their Democrat allies. Iran became a quasi-ally for the extreme left in the past decade and a quarter. Hence, journalists and politicians had to decide whether to express condolences to Raisi or speak out about her. They chose the first option, as expected.

Biden’s administration issued a “letter of official condolences” that was met with disbelief by many. Raisi, a genocidal killer (his nickname was “the butcher of Tehran”) who murdered thousands of innocents during his tenure in power, was widely regarded as a man of disbelief.

The Democrat-led U.S. Senate has also joined in the action.

We do? I don’t know who the chaplain was, but it is shameful. The Senate should represent all Americans. How many people are willing to offer prayers for those mourning the loss of a violent and oppressive terrorist, who has subjugated a nation for decades?

Some people responded to my social media post by citing Jesus’ command to pray for your enemies. I don’t like to take religious advice from those who have never read a Bible. But that verse does not command us to pray for the mourners of a genocidal madman. It is intended to pray that one’s enemies, who are still alive, may come to salvation. Raisi has died. At this point, prayers won’t do him any good. And those who mourn him and his tyranny don’t act righteously. They are doing evil.

The idea that “the Iranian people” mourn Raisi is an enormous misrepresentation on the ground. It’s insulting for those who have lost loved ones to the Islamic Republic. Iran’s government is hated by most of its people, as shown by the large demonstrations (which were brutally suppressed) that took place over the past few years.

The chaplain would have been wise to offer prayers for the victims. This would have been prudent.