U.S. Arms Sent to Ukraine Make Their Way to Boko Haram


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the U.S. sends almost unlimited weapons to Ukraine without any oversight. Some of this weaponry ends up on the black market, where it is sold to other bad guys around the globe.

According to a statement by his office, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari spoke out about the threat posed by terrorist groups during a regional conference at Lake Chad Basin on Tuesday.

The 16th Summit of Heads of State and Government of Lake Chad Basin Commission was chaired by the President. However, the threat from terrorists in the area has been somewhat contained, and the influx of new weapons presents new challenges.

Buhari stated, “It must be noted however that despite the successes of the gallant troops [Multinational Joint Task Force] MNJTF as well as the ongoing national operations in this region, terrorist threats still exist in the region.”

“Regrettably the situation in the Sahel and the raging conflict in Ukraine serve as major sources for weapons and fighters that bolster terrorists in Lake Chad Region,” said the Nigerian president. He lamented that “the arms, ammunition, and weapons used to carry out the war in Libya continue to find their way to the Lake Chad Region” and added that “weapons being used in the war in Ukraine or Russia are also beginning to filter into the region.”

Buhari said, “This illegal movement in arms into the area has heightened the proliferation of small arms and light weapons that continues to threaten our collective security and peace in the region.” Buhari also stated, “The threat from Boko Haram terrorist attacks in the Lake Chad region no doubt brought to the forefront, the imperative for enhanced collaboration among defense forces in the region in face of a shared aggressor.”

ZeroHedge made a comment about the situation: “Critics for the massive US arms pipeline to Ukraine have long pointed to the lack of accountability or proper tracking once those arms reach the country. This presents ripe opportunities to criminals, terrorists, or lucrative black market arm sellers to take advantage.”

For a long time, the U.S. and Western weapons that have been flooding Ukraine have been leaking out and causing havoc with the neighbors. Finnish’s national broadcasting company Yle News reported that the country’s October election was marked by a surge in U.S. and Western arms flooding Ukraine.

The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), stated that it had received preliminary information suggesting that criminals might have taken military arms such as assault rifles meant for Ukrainian forces.

Christer Ahlgren, NBI Detective Superintendent, stated to Yle that weapons shipped by different countries to Ukraine were also found in Sweden and Denmark. …

“Three major motorcycle gangs in the world–which are part of larger international organizations–are active here. Bandidos MC is one of them, and it has a unit located in every major Ukrainian capital,” he said. “We know that routes and contacts are being warmed up so they’re in place.”

Ahlgren stated that Ukraine has received a lot of weapons, which is good. However, we will be dealing with these arms for many decades and paying the price.

The more the conflict in Ukraine drags out, the more it will destabilize the rest of the globe. Biden and Zelenskyy need to end their pissing contest, regardless of whether weapons from the West are ending up in the hands of bad guys or the exacerbation and shortages that were caused by the Great Shutdown. It would be a great thing if the United States showed leadership in this crucial moment. Instead, the White House is a victim of the tragic failure of the cipher.