Twin Daughters Of NY Gov. Lee Zeldin Hid As Shooting Unfolded Outside Home


Two people were shot in the shooting incident that took place Sunday night in front of the Long Island residence of Lee Zeldin, a Republican from New York. His twin daughters were also at home.

Zeldin is running for the title of New York’s first Republican candidate to win an election in the state. He stated that this incident only strengthened his resolve to defeat Kathy Hochul (D–NY) in November.

Fox News reported Zeldin’s Sunday statement that Arianna and Mikayla, “My 16-year-old daughters, were at home doing homework as Diana and I drove, having just left Morris Park, Bronx, Columbus Day Parade. ”

Authorities claim that the shooting did not involve the campaign or the Zeldin families.

According to the Republican, “After my daughters heard the gunshots and screams, they ran upstairs and locked their doors in the bathroom. Then, they called 911.” Diana and I were proud of their actions.

Zeldin stated, “The men who were shot were taken to the hospital.” He said that his entire family was at home with investigators and providing security footage from their home cameras.

Zeldin said that the shooting “hits really near home when it arrives at your doorstep.” “I am so thankful to my daughters for their prompt and efficient responses. ”

The hopeful for the governorship stated that “We cannot give any street in New York State to criminals.” “I want New York’s law enforcement to have control of all New York streets. ”

He stated, “I don’t care if it’s in a big city, small town, big city, or small village.” “I want law-abiding New Yorkers to be able to ride a subway car without needing to grab a pole, grab guardrails, or fear being shoved in the face by an oncoming train.”

“I just don’t want to ever stand in front of a crime scene tape outside my own home or outside of anyone else’s,” Zeldin added.

A reporter criticized Zeldin for saying “politics” following the shooting. The Republican responded, “I mean. What point is it appropriate to discuss crime in your own neighborhoods? “I stand in front of the crime scene tape in front of my house. It is more offensive than it was when I woke up this morning. ”

As previously reported Zeldin was attacked during a campaign event held in July. An armed man jumped onto Zeldin’s stage while Republicans spoke on bail reform. Zeldin was not hurt after he was wrestled with.