Trump Attorneys Fire Back: Cohen Accused of Lying About Stormy Daniels Call with Trump


Todd Blanche, the Trump lawyer, brought to the attention of the court text messages and a telephone call between Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s ex-bodyguard, and Keith Schiller on October 24, 2016.

Cohen confirmed that he spoke to Schiller on the evening in question. Blanche asked Cohen if he testified that he called Schiller to talk with Trump about Stormy Deal. Cohen confirmed.

Cohen sent Schiller a text asking who he could contact about harassing phone calls made by an alleged 14-year-old prankster. Schiller replied, “Call Me.”

Cohen testified on Tuesday that Schiller was the recipient of the phone call made by Cohen to Trump, lasting one minute and 36 seconds.


Blanche asked whether the testimony of Tuesday was a Lie because Cohen had said that he had called Trump to talk.

Cohen said, ‚ÄúPart of it was the 14-year-old … but I know Keith was with Mr. Trump.”

Blanche accuses Cohen again of lying and insists that he did not speak with Trump on the day in question.

Cohen replied, “I always run everything by my boss right away.”


Blanche replied, “That’s a lie. You didn’t talk to President Trump.”

Cohen replied, “I am not sure that is accurate.”

Cohen claims, based upon the records he has been able to examine, that he had spoken with Schiller, but also believes that he had spoken with Trump regarding the Stormy Daniels case.

Blanche replied, “We are not asking you what you think.”