Tribal Chief Is Interested In Reclaiming Ancestral Land Where Ben & Jerry’s HQ Now Stands


Ben & Jerry’s headquarters are located on land that was originally owned by a Native American Tribe in Vermont. The chief of the tribe expressed an interest in reclaiming this property on Friday.

Ben & Jerry’s celebrated Independence Day by tweeting on Tuesday that the U.S. “commits to returning” Native American land. Don Stevens of the Nulhegan Band, The Coosuk-Abenaki Nation, responded by saying his tribe was willing to accept the land owned by Ben & Jerry’s.

Stevens tribe is a part of Nulhegan Band which used to control a large area of New England. According to Newsweek, when Europeans invaded their land they were infected by diseases, forcing them to migrate to what is today Canada.

Ben & Jerry’s says that Mount Rushmore is the ideal place to begin returning land to Native Americans. The United States should return South Dakota land back to the Lakotas Sioux.

Ben & Jerry’s has not yet publicly responded Steven’s remarks.