Top Democrat Releases Biden Bribery Document With At Least One Falsehood


Jamie Raskin, Maryland’s ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee, released a transcript that was intended to debunk allegations that Joe Biden had taken a bribe. However, it contained at least one lie.

Raskin sent a letter from Kentucky to the chairman of the committee, James Comer. Raskin included in that letter a transcript of some of Lev Parnas’ questions asked by Rudy Giuliani’s associate Mykola Zlochevsky about Burisma Energy. The transcript shows that the Ukrainian oligarch claims “[n]obody from Burisma had any contact with Joe Biden, or his people, during Hunter Biden’s engagement” at the company where the younger Biden was on the board of directors from 2014 to 2019.

Raskin wrote in his letter, that these comments were “among the many that have disproved the corruption allegations made against President Biden.”

Zlochevsky either lied or was mistaken about his statement. An email on Hunter Biden’s abandoned computer shows that Joe Biden, at the time Vice President of the United States, met Burisma executive Vadym Pouzharskyi back in 2014. The New York Times reported that the two had a brief interaction at a charity dinner for World Food Program USA organized by Hunter.

Pozharskyi replied: “Dear Hunter, I thank you for inviting to DC. It was a great opportunity to spend time with your father.”

The Daily Caller did not receive a response from a spokeswoman of the Democrats in the House Oversight Committee.

Republicans have repeatedly referenced a document that alleges both Joe and Hunter Biden received $5 million in bribes. Joe Biden called the questions “dumb” and rejected the allegations. The White House said that Joe Biden “was not in business with [his son]”.

Hunter Biden will likely plead guilty to a pair of misdemeanors arising from his alleged failures to pay taxes for his overseas business deals. He will not be sentenced to jail. Two Internal Revenue Service employees have claimed that Justice Department officials stopped them from expanding their investigation into President Joe Biden, and other members of his family.